How Rachel Is Changing The Narrative for Black Travelers


By: Amani Allen-Beale

Growing up reading tons of books about different places around the world, Rachel promised herself she would experience the places she’s read about. During her travels, such as backpacking in Asia, Rachel began to blog her experience to show people, especially black people, that we have safe spaces in various places. On her blog,, she shows her readers how to travel budget friendly and how to brand themselves.

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Childhood and early career

As the only child, Rachel grew up with very supportive parents who encouraged her love for learning about the different parts of the world. Rachel dove into many books about places she wanted to visit such as the Great Barrier Reef and the pyramids. Even as a young girl, Rachel promised herself she would experience these places. Rachel’s family loved traveling to very historical places, especially places focused on black history. Even though these weren’t the extravagant places she read about, they still left a huge impact on Rachel.

After graduating from FAMU, Rachel secured a 6 figure making position at a Forbes corporation and moved to New York City. Despite her, what seemed to be perfect life, Rachel was dealing with anxiety and no one knew. Being the only black woman under 30 at her job added to her stress as well since many of her coworkers seemed to overlook her and her work. Rachel eventually left her job and headed to Asia where she backpacked for the next three months to heal.



Career and traveling

During her travels, Rachel blogged her experiences. She wanted to change the narrative of people of color traveling beyond places such as the Caribbean and Mexico. She also wanted to change the narrative that traveling is too expensive. With her personal blog, Rachel shared the experiences of a black traveler and later began creating services for other black travelers as well. From branding, travel guides, and helping social media influencers grow their platform, Rachel used what became her therapy, as a tool to encourage others to expand their horizons with a budget.

Rachel experiences the same insecurities every entrepreneur faces, the “what’s next” factor. 

In entrepreneurship, there isn’t an exact blueprint.

With consistent checking in on yourself, this helps with minimizing the perception that you don’t deserve what you’ve worked for or any other securities you have.


Goals and next steps

Rachel now has a goal to build up other online influencers and help them generate revenue online as well. Since many women are now entering the social influencer career path, Rachel wants to make sure they are making the efficient and right business moves. Rachel offers many services such as how to get sponsorship, create a media kit, and even how to approach brands to collaborate.

Advice to social media influencers: start where you are and get into your community. Become relatable, do love events, and partner with other types of influencers.

Her other goals include owning land. Rachel has been traveling to different homes just to see what the process is like. Of course small goals like getting back into reading and fitness is in the top of Rachel’s list as well. 

We are definitely excited to see where Rachel travels to next and the impact she will leave! Keep up with Rachel on Instagram @racheltravels