Fashion Stylist Roxy Henley on How She Got Her Big Break in the Industry

Tired of making expensive shopping mistakes? Never really sure how to find pieces and clothes that really make you feel comfortable and fashionable? Fashion stylist and personal shopper, Roxlene Henley may be someone you need to know.

Roxlene’s work has been featured in Vogue, Grazia and other major British newspapers. Yet, she also helps every day men and women all around the world find a style that matches their fashion taste and that boosts their confidence. Find out how she got started, when she got her big break, and what she’s up to now. 

How did your childhood shape you into the woman you are today? Did you have any fashion influences growing up?

As a child, I performed in amateur dramatics shows such as Bugsy Malone and Les Miserables and learned how clothing represents different periods in time as well as different classes, occupations and cultures. My mother sewed the costumes for my local dance show every year and I was her human mannequin. I loved trying on the different costumes almost as much as I loved performing on stage. Being a little 'drama queen' helped me become a confident, disciplined woman who thrives in a high-pressure environment. 

Being a little ‘drama queen’ helped me become a confident, disciplined woman who thrives in a high-pressure environment.

When did you fall in love with fashion?

The first time I realized I was 'good' at fashion was at about age 13. I was shopping with friends when they said they would buy whatever I picked, because I could find unusual and cool combinations. I used to wear patterned lace and fishnet tights over green, blue or yellow colored tights. That was how I stood out from a sea of indigo skinny jeans

How did you turn your love of fashion into a career as a fashion stylist? When was your big break?

After studying Fashion with Business, I interned with an editorial stylist and at a personal shopping company before getting a job as studio manager of a top London fashion designer. My big break came when a friend won Britain’s Got Talent and asked me to become their full-time stylist. Suddenly, I was travelling the world and styling an act on the biggest stages in the world, in album covers, in international magazines and on red carpet events.

Who has been your favorite celebrity to style and what was the occasion? 

Ava West is a beautiful young British actress with the kindest heart. Her first feature film is due to come out in September so getting her noticed among the established movie stars at the BAFTAS (British Academy Film & Television Arts) last month was a tricky task. However, she totally stole the show, cropping up on the best dressed lists alongside The Duchess of Cambridge and Emma Stone! She was the only 'unknown' who made it into Vogue, Grazia, and big British newspapers as well as countless blogs. I opened a bottle of champagne that evening!

So amazing. Congratulations! What other things can we expect from you in 2017? 

I always go above and beyond the duties of a stylist with my creative clients and into the realms of Creative Director due to an interest and understanding of business and marketing. Recently though my flair for PR has been noticed and I'm looking into becoming a Stylist/Publicist for some clients. I guess that means my goal is to turn my creative clients into household names known for their excellent taste!

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