Jasmine Nkrumah on Living Your Dream and Not the Dream Others Want You to Live

Have you ever felt that deep frightening feeling that maybe you’re not doing what you were destined to do? Jasmine Nkrumah knows that feeling all too well. With ambitions to become a doctor in grained in her from childhood, Jasmine never questioned her career in medicine – until she began to feel that gut feeling that maybe there’s more out there for her.

Find out how Jasmine conquered her fears, and the advice she has for other women who feel like they’re not living the dream they were created to live. 

What was the last most difficult decision you had to make and what did that decision teach you about life?

I think the most difficult and most weight-lifting decision I had to make was to quit medical school. For the longest, I believed that being a doctor or practicing medicine was my dream. I didn’t realize that I was trying to live a dream that was not made for me.

The day that my passion for medical school was tested, it placed me in a very dark place. I was questioning if this was just fear or was the true voice inside me really being heard. As you can imagine, that decision was not taken lightly by my family, but that moment in my life taught me to stand firm for what I want and what God wants for me. Not everyone is made to be the doctor, lawyer, and/or engineer. What we are made to be is Queens in God’s Kingdom.

What moments in your childhood would you say profoundly impacted who you are today?

The moment in my childhood that impacted me would be the day I began first grade. I was so excited to start “real school.” I was rushing my mother to drop me off on the first day. Once the car was in park at the front of school, I got out of the car so fast, scurrying my little feet to class – didn’t bother to say “bye” to my mom.

Years later, she told me she cried that day. But not because I was growing up too fast, but because it was at that moment she knew I would put my 100% into everything, without needing someone to hold my hand. She could see independence at the small age of 5 or 6.

I know that you previously aspired to be a nurse, what made you decide to switch paths and how did that decision come about?

I still want to pursue nursing, but I came to realize that my timeline means absolutely nothing to God’s agenda for my life. If you were to ask me 5 years ago where I see myself, it would be nowhere close to service the public health field on a project management level.

Even though jobs have its frustration, I thank God for the opportunities my jobs have given me – to serve, to lead, and to create new ways of serving and leading in a field that most of the population has given up on.

As a new fiancé, what most excites you about marriage?       

Being able to take on the world with God and my future husband. It is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. This world is changing fast. Some for the better, but all we see is the worst. After a while, it can feel that hope can be, in a sense, running away from you. But to know that God created another person in this world solely made for you is amazing. Meeting and loving that person is beyond amazing. Knowing that this person loves you back – priceless.  

What advice do you have for other women who feel stuck in their careers?

Pray, Patience, Purpose, and Play – I considered the pros and cons before I made my decision, but I never made a final decision without praying about it. And I mean, ugly cry, broken beauty, honest, humility prayer.

Then, be patient. God didn’t answer my prayer right away. In fact, it took months – even while I was still in school – for God to say, “There is more that I require from you.”

Next, identify your purpose. Not what your family wants from you, not what you think people want from you, but what God knows from you. Our purpose and passion go hand-in-hand for a reason. God placed that inside you. And at times, that gets silenced by what the world says we should be to be “successful.” But, there is a distinct difference between being “successful” and being a “conqueror.”

identify your purpose. Not what your family wants from you, not what you think people want from you, but what God knows from you.

And last, play! Enjoy your youth and the beauty you have! Don’t hide your glow. Shine unapologetically!

If you could accomplish just one thing this year, what would it be?

For 2017, I would like to accomplish schooling and growing in my career and getting closer to changing my last name! On a personal level, I want to relish in hope and I pray that all the women I encounter do the same – to be happy, healthy, peaceful, and to know that they do belong.

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