Desiree Hicks Talks Makeup, Engineering & Balancing it All

Our new Pink Productions Interviewer took amount to switch gears and allowed us to interview her. Desiree Hicks not only manages to interview several women each month, she’s also an Engineer and a NYX Cosmetics Makeup Artist. Find out how she balances her time and the one thing she hopes to add to her list of accomplishments before the end of this year.

When you look back on your childhood & past experiences, what would you say profoundly impacted the person you are today?

The first person that always comes to mind when I look back at my childhood is my Nana. Everyday afterschool, from kindergarten to 6th grade, she would make me read and work math and science problems from various workbooks that she bought. It taught me discipline and is the reason I was able to excel in school all the way into college.

What insecurity do you wish you never bothered to entertain and how did you get over that insecurity?

I used to hate the fact that my lips and teeth were so big! Having big lips alone or big teeth alone seemed bad enough, but to have both made me extremely insecure. I literally thought I would never be able to wear lip gloss because I thought it would look crazy. But I don’t know, one day I just bought a bomb lipstick, put it on very neatly, looked in the mirror and thought I looked bomb. So, I just started to embrace my lips and teeth as a part of what made me different.

How do you balance being an Engineer and a NYX Cosmetics Make Up Artist?

I try to stay very organized with my schedule and keep it as consistent as possible. I always worked while I was in school, so juggling more than one thing at once was never a problem for me. It’s all about scheduling and organization. If you love something enough, you’ll make the time for it.

What advice do you have for other women pursuing Engineering degrees?

Study hard and don’t give up! Engineering work is very rigorous in college, and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen change their major after their 1st year and all the way up to their 4th year of college. If you are truly passionate about engineering, just finish. And, don’t forget to have at least one internship on your resume before graduating.

What lessons are you taking with you from 2016 into 2017?

I’ve learned to not compare myself to others who are pursuing similar things as me. God creates different paths for different people. I just have to follow the path that he’s put forth and focus on my own success.

God creates different paths for different people. I just have to follow the path that he’s put forth and focus on my own success.

If you could accomplish just one thing this year, what would you make sure to accomplish?

I will soon be launching my YouTube channel with a very good friend of mine. I don’t have a set goal for the amount of subscribers I’d like to reach. As long as I see growth every month, I’d be perfectly satisfied. I just want to know that I exude some type of inspiration onto others.

To keep up with Desiree, follow her on Instagram, @ _desidez.