How Rachel Loreen’s Breaking the Barriers in Fashion, Design, and Artistry

A small town girl with big goals, Rachel Loreen headed out to follow her passion for art in New York. Now an artist, fashion designer, and makeup artist, Rachel trails the fine line of beautiful and disturbing images through her evoking artwork. Read below and discover her driving force and inspirational journey.

Who has been the most impactful or driving force for you to start your make-up and design business?

I would say that I am my biggest supporter. I’ve known from a very young age that I wanted to pursue fashion and I fell in love with makeup along the way. I’ve always had a very specific dream and I’ve spent my entire life figuring out the steps to take to get there.

I am my biggest driving force. I’m very ambitious and a slave to my art, but despite that I would be nothing without the love and support from my family. They’ve always supported me beyond measure and have stood by me in every way during my education. Without them I would not have gotten the chance to study makeup at the Make-Up Designory NY or pursue my Business of Fine Arts in fashion design.

When I was 18, I left my small town and moved to New York. If it wasn’t for my family’s support, I wouldn’t have gotten through the culture shock and financial responsibilities as a young student. I’m lucky to have a family that believes entirely in me and my dreams.

I’ve often heard from make-up artists that clients bring in images of celebrities and want to look exactly like the celebrities. When you are applying make-up to clients, how important is it to inform clients to appreciate their natural beauty as well?

It’s very important to make a client aware of what makes them beautiful. I could know all the techniques for makeup application in the world but if the client can’t see their own beauty and love what they see in the mirror, they will never be satisfied. Being a beauty makeup artist you have to be very good at reading someone’s body language and their perceptions of themselves.

If they do bring in a celebrity reference, what about that person or that person’s style are theyrelating to? If you listen and pay attention, you’ll be able to pick up their insecurities and what they’re confident about, without ever having to ask.

The magic that people think makeup artists possess is 90% seeing the beauty in someone and 10% knowing the techniques and products to use so they can see it in themselves.

On your worst day, who or what helps you remain motivated?

Before I met the love of my life, I would have to say coffee and energy drinks kept me motivated. Well, caffeine with a fast tempo pop song on repeat keeps my sanity on a bad day. All jokes aside, my partner is my biggest motivation. He is always so genuinely fascinated, impressed, and amazed in anything I create that it’s hard to feel bad on the worst days when someone compliments you like you’re Picasso.

My love has been the victim of many experimental make-ups and I’ve woken him up in the middle of the night to help me finish hot gluing an art piece together that needed to be done by 6a.m. the next day. He’s always more than enthusiastic and willing to support my creative vision. Every artist has their muse and I would say he's mine. Knowing he’s proud of me is certainly my motivation and security to push on when times get hard.

Where do you get your inspiration for design? What do you like to design and how do you want to leave your imprint in the fashion world?

I’d describe myself as an Avant-garde, unconventional, and dark designer. I love when art walks the fine line between being beautiful and disturbing. I love designs that are provocative and risqué.

I identify with the entertainment area of the market and would like to create more designs for live performances such as circus performers, theatre, and specifically music artists. In today’s industry, costume and fashion are very separate fields. I want to be a designer that breaks that barrier and combines immersive theater and special effects with high end fashions.

My dream is to have my own line of clothing and makeup soldin stores all over the world. I’m very inspired by plays, French films, social documentaries, dark art, and butterflies. Some designers I'm inspired by and admire are KatarzynaKonieczka, Furne One of Amato Haute Couture, Jeremy Scott, Alexander McQueen, and Anne Sofie Madsen. 

I love the psychology behind clothing. This is my passion in life and my lifestyle. My work doesn’t take holidays or end at 5:00p.m., it’s something I’m always doing or thinking about doing. It’s a necessity in my life, like drinking water or sleep. My art is something I will do forever.

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?Where can we find your work?

I’m excited every day to see what I can achieve and what new thing I can learn. I push myself so hard that by the end of each year, as my projects are wrapping up, I look forward to hibernating and having the time to cook something besides Top Ramen!

Besides that, it's always nice to stop for a minute and look back at how much I’ve grown, the accomplishments I’ve made, and the failures I’ve learned from.

Right now, I’m most excited about continuing a caricature style portrait project I started called Misfit Tribe. The project focuses on celebrating the diversity of people while highlighting the things that makes us unique, different, weird, rebels, outcasts, misunderstood, and interesting. I’m excited to use my art as a platform founded on inspiration, empowerment, self-love, and anyone brave enough to say “This is who I am. I love myself and I’m not afraid to be me.”

My next collection in fashion and makeup is going to be inspired by the portraits I’ve been completing of these beautiful people. You can find my makeup work on my website All my fashion, makeup and art work,including the Misfit Tribe series, is kept up to date on my Instagram @rache.l.oreen.