Lolita Guarin Shares Tips on How to Live a Stress-less Life

What if instead of complaining about your job that you hate, you instead decided to commit yourself to things that you love? What if you could wake up and actually be excited about going to work because it’s something you’re actually passionate about? Well, you can. Just take it from Lolita. She did it, and you can certainly do it too.

After being burnt out after coming home work every day, Lolita decided to take back her life and her health and in that she discovered her purpose! Lolita is a stress management coach who aspires to help women lower their stress levels and practice self-love. Through her tips and techniques, she plans to help improve the lives of as many women as possible.

Check out her exclusive interview below. 


What past circumstances would you say impacted the woman you are today?

I used to work in the oil and gas sector. It was very stressful. The bosses expected many of us to work extra hours, come on the weekends, work through lunch with little to no appreciation. As many women in this country, after work, I still had to take care of the household: cooking, cleaning and so on. I would come home and just collapse. Stress at work and home started impacting my health; I developed multiple health issues. One day I came back from work late at night all tired and stressed, and decided that is enough, it must be a better way to live. I didn't want to take any pills, so I turned to natural ways of healing. I attended numerous workshops, webinars and read lots of books. Soon I developed an arsenal of tips and techniques on how to manage stress on day to day basis. I became very passionate about that, and I started coaching others on how to live a stress-less life.

What made you decide your career path in stress management?

I realized that I was not the only one overwhelmed, stressed and burned out. Many of my coworkers, family members, and friends dealt with the same issues as I. It broke my heart seeing them sick and unhappy. I started sharing my knowledge about stress management with others out of pure desire to help them. At some point, my friend said: " you can be a coach!" I loved that idea, got my certification and ever since then I’ve been happily helping stressed women get their energy, productivity, health and happiness back.

Why is stress management important to you?

Did you know that number one killer of women is heart disease? Well, stress is a huge contributor to that. Because women react to stress differently than men, women need to learn how to take care of themselves. Naturally, a woman takes care of everyone: family, friends and neighbors. We all want others to be happy and healthy. We are so preoccupied with other's happiness and safety that we give, give and give until there is nothing to give and we break down. Women need to take care of themselves so they can take care of others. Women need to manage their stress to stay healthy and happy.

Women need to manage their stress to stay healthy and happy.

What advice do you have for women who deal with stress issues?

Start by identifying your stressors. Then make a plan on how you will deal with it. Implement your plan every day. Start by implementing small steps. Decide to give a minute of a break to yourself. Take one minute every hour to rest, stop what you are doing, just close your eyes and breathe. Do things you love to do. Delegate to others the house workload. Find a way how to love yourself. Ask others for help, get a stress management coach to help you to achieve your goal!

Those are awesome tips! What are your current goals?

My goal is to reach as many women as possible and to teach them how to manage their stress levels and love themselves. I am working on expanding my stress management coaching, preparing for another workshop in September and writing a book about stress management.


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