Tamara Martinez Talks the Importance of Taking Charge of Your Own Wellness

Health enthusiast Tamara Martinez makes it her mission to help others the way God has helped her. While on her path to a medical degree, she discovered that being a pediatrician or obstetrician wouldn’t allow her to be the family oriented, mother of seven she is today. She combined the skills she obtained from both of her parents and began healing with essential oils.

Read more below to find out more about Tamara and what it took to be the woman she is today.

How was your childhood?

I grew up in a tiny University town in Ohio and I had a wonderful childhood. I have three siblings, two who were adopted. There were some dark spots in my childhood but for the most part it was wonderful. My mom was a nurse and she practiced all through my childhood. I saw how caring she was for other people. She often talked about her patients as if they were not just patients, they were her friends. My dad was a chemical engineer, he did a lot of research and he taught us how to love right. He’s the type of person that will drop everything for someone in need. We were often picking up hitchhikers and offering shelter to people. My mom battled a mental addiction and illness so to see her overcome all that is amazing to me. Both of my parents were really great people.

Growing up did you experience any insecurities?

The insecurities that I had came mostly from being bullied growing up. My family environment was nurturing but I still struggle with things I dealt with as a child. One thing that helps me is acknowledging my successes. Even with little things like praising myself for being on time because I’m always late. I also have a really close relationship with God. Through that relationship I learned to recognize that HE appreciates and loves me no matter what. And I realize that if HE loves me and accepts me despite of everything I do wrong, then I am worth loving.

What impact does your career have on women?

I think as women we tend to nurture everyone around us and this allows women to help others without the need of a higher education or degree. You don’t have to have any special status. All you have to do is have a giving heart and a desire to learn and help.

In what ways would you like to see women be more active about their health?

I would really like to see people taking charge of their own wellness. I studied medicine for 3 years in college because I thought I wanted to be a doctor. Specifically, a pediatrician or obstetrician. But I decided that wanting to have a lot of children and be a stay at home mom was not going to go very well with being a full time doctor. But through my studies and in working in a medical profession for a few years, I’ve learned that you don’t have to have a degree to learn how to take care of yourself. The earth comes with everything you need. Being able to take care of your own wellness is like knowing how to dress yourself. It’s just one of those skills that everybody has.

To get people more involved I teach classes and conduct one on one consults for free. I meet with people and explain how essential oils work and teach them how to use them.

What are some other things you hope to accomplish?

Really, I just want to make a difference. But there’s some things I want to accomplish within my family such as helping my husband retire from his job because he’s working crazy hours and it leads to stress. I always want to have more time with my family. But I just want to help people live the life they think they were meant to live. There was a time when my health was so poor that I was suicidal and I felt so useless. At that time, I got very clear direction from the heavenly father who reminded me that I’m here for a reason and his direction led me to get better and to help other men and women who are suffering. That’s my ultimate goal to help people overcome whatever difficulties they are having.

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