Niesha Lecole Talks Self-Doubt & How it Can Hold You Back from Your Dreams

Niesha turned her childhood dream into a profitable business. After being verbally abused and facing self-doubt, Niesha decided enough is enough and pursued her passion. Today, she is the Founder and owner of her boutique, Belle Collections.

She found the beauty in the ugly things of life and it is the driving force behind her accomplishments. Niesha shows us that even though giving up may be the easier choice, it will never be the best choice.

Read more below on how Belle Collections started and what Neisha plans to do next!

What shaped you into the woman you are today?

At age 24, I've seen and dealt with a lot; from ages 3-9 I was abused both physically and mentally by my mom’s ex-husband. After my sisters and I went to my mom telling her of different incidents that had occurred from this man she packed us up, left, and divorced him. My mom was young so for a period of time we lived out of our car, then it was house hopping until she got a really good paying job and we were able to settle into our own place of safety. I've never really talked about it with anyone but my mom and sisters, but I feel it's necessary to speak on. it has a lot to do with why I'm so ambitious and why I am so driven for what I want to accomplish. When I do decide to get married, I want to be able to bring something to the table. So that if we do decide to divorce, I'm leaving with what I came in with plus what I've accumulated over the time span of being with my spouse. I've seen a lot of positives but I think the negatives in life is what makes you appreciate the positives even more. I've learned you can't let situations taint your view on life. Be happy and live your life to the fullest and that's what I do daily.

What inspired you to get into fashion?

I've always been obsessed with fashion, I even used to design when I was younger. But when I was 13, I said " I'm going to own a boutique." Although I'm about 3 semesters shy of my degree in Business Management my mindset is that I do not want to work for anyone. There's this quote that I like to refer to " the dreamers are working for the doers who never gave up on their dreams. " - Unknown. I know that at some point you're going to have to work for someone because you have to fund your business startup and unless you have wealthy parents, you're like any other adult that has bills lol; but if you have a dream and the passion and drive to go after that dream, then do it. I didn't want to look back on my life and regret that I didn't start the business I've wanted since childhood.

What are some obstacles you've had to overcome while pursuing your dreams and how did you overcome them?

I faced many obstacles but my biggest obstacle was myself. My mom’s ex-husband would say "you're nothing, you'll never be nothing" and other hurtful things of that nature. For the longest time, I didn't believe in myself and would doubt my abilities to conquer my goals. The fear of failure also set in my mind and although I knew I could do whatever I set my mind to, every time I would go to work on my boutique I would hear his painful words and give up. One day I was just laying in my bed thinking to myself, "man I really want my store" and I began to hear the words "what's stopping you?" I was a little baffled at first because I wasn't sure what made me say that. I began to ask myself "what's stopping you? What are your reasons for not going after your dreams?" It was in that moment that I realized I was the one stopping me. His words cut deep and still to this day I sometimes hear them. I had to dig deep inside myself and really believe in myself and know that I am worthy of this success. Since that day I've never stopped with my business journey and I plan to keep elevating and prospering.

Tell us more about your online boutique.

I'm obsessed with the word beautiful, I even have the Chinese symbol for the word tattooed on me (the things you do in college lol). I feel there is beauty in everything even the negative and ugly things in this world. The original name of my boutique was going to be bell, like southern bell because I was born and raised in Texas and I still reside here. But I thought, "that's too normal" so I decided to google French words for beautiful and the first thing that pops up is BELLE! I was so ecstatic because I had just found the name of my boutique. The name of my store is Belle Collections, which mean beautiful collections and the site is I love big bulky jewelry and statement pieces, so that's what I decided to start out with. As of right now I sell statement pieces and other accessories but since I am in love with fashion, it would only be right for me too incorporate clothing. The clothing that I plan to sale like my jewelry will be nothing shy of beautiful, because that is how I want women to feel when they wear my pieces. I have plans on bringing certain collections of clothing to the business in September so stay tuned because I have a lot planned for Belle.

What are your current goals for yourself and your passions?

Now that I have my store up and running, I've always been interested in real estate so that's the next direction I'll be going in. I have many goals but the main one for myself Is to never stop! Even when I feel things are unbearable and like I can't go on, I shall continue to prevail against all odds. My goals as far as passion goes would be for Belle to continue to grow and prosper, I have a lot of plans for my boutique for the end of this year and I'm extremely excited for everyone to see. Since real estate is my next move, my goal is to just be able to retain the knowledge needed to get in the business and dominate...and make some big money, of course.

To learn more about Niesha Lecole, visit her on Instagram @_Shop.Belle.

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