Chello on Becoming Your Own Hero


Take a moment to think about your hero, the person who inspires you. When you pictured that person, did you picture yourself or did you imagine someone else? Often times we aspire to be so much like other people that we forget to celebrate our own strength & resilience. But Chello, does not. When asked who inspires her, she immediately thought of herself – and that is something we should all do more often.

Chello reminds us of the importance of self-love. Instead of allowing domestic violence to tear her down and leave her broken, she used it to mold her into the woman she is today. She channeled her negative circumstances into positive growth and she found God, herself, and poetry.

Chello had to become her own hero. Poetry became her confidant when she had no one else and she shares her words with the goal to help others. Her journey of self-love wasn't easy, but she’s proof that with faith anything is possible.

Dive into Chello’s interview to learn more about her below.

What would you say has shaped you into the woman you are today?

I’d honestly like to put my negative experiences at the top of the chart. I’m a 24-year-old free spirit woman. I’ve battled with domestic violence, as well as abusive relationships, and as much as I hate that someone as myself had to deal with that, I don’t think that I would change those experiences for the world. They’ve shaped me to better connect with women who are going through the same things, if not worse. Positively, my journey to build a better spiritual relationship has opened my faith. I’ve learned to lean more on it as a crutch instead of using my past experiences as one instead. I can’t preach how important letting go, and letting God is and still allow my past to conflict with the life I want to have for myself.

What does poetry mean to you? Why do you write?

Poetry is an art. It’s an emotional expression, through pain, love, misunderstanding, and hope. I write for me, but most importantly for women who can relate. If I’ve been through half of the things that I’ve been through, only being able to give advice to myself because I had nobody there, then these notes and words that I’ve spoken to myself can help someone else. My goal is to touch someone’s life, even if it’s just my own.

Who are some women you look up to in general and why?

I don’t want to be selfish and say this, but I look up to myself. Of course there are women who I’ve learned from and witnessed their strength, but the first person that comes to mind when I think about strength and perseverance is myself. I’ve watched myself cry, fall, get on my knees to pray, and pick myself up all over again. Never has anyone picked me up off of the ground when I felt like there was nobody else to lift me.

Are there some things you wish you wished you could change about the world? What are they and how would you change them if you could?

The one thing I wish I could change in this world is the need to put emphasis on the outlets for women and men to give their testimonies. Your mental health can be so affected with everything that has been going on in this world. I feel as though if people were to start creating these blogs; starting YouTube channels, and using their social media as a platform for their testimonies and personal battles that slowly, yet surely we can help one another, help one another.

What are your current goals for yourself, in regards to your life, love and family?

My goals as of right now are to become a published author in the next 2 years, to begin a platform for women to begin to speak words on affirmations into their lives and to continue this journey on mental clarity. I want to become more aware of my emotions and acknowledge them as soon as they hit me, rather than allowing it to build up and release this anger to a universe that doesn’t deserve it. Mental clarity will allow me to love myself better, thus allowing me to love someone else, the right way.

To learn more about Chello visit her on Instagram @KeepingUpwithChello