Tamisha Monet Unveils Her Best Business Secrets

Amongst this generation of trailblazing women is Tamisha Monet, CEO of Metier Sophisticate, a travel and lifestyle PR group. She credits her success to her parents, who have always been positive influences in her life. Growing up she was taught the importance of self-love, as they reminded her daily of her beauty and intelligence.  As a result, she has been able to accept her differences that are often misrepresented by society, and has created a successful business that she believes will better serve the African American community.

In an inspiring interview, Tamisha gives tips on becoming a successful business owner. She also talks about the importance of teamwork and sisterhood.  

Tell us about your childhood. What was it like growing up?

I had a very healthy, joyous, supportive and LIT childhood. My parents have always been incredibly supportive of my entrepreneurial and creative spirit. There weren’t any talks about finding a “real job.” My parents pretty much just wanted me to be educated and see my ideas through to fruition – a central characteristic to cultivate early on as a visionary. We have a tendency to start things and move on to another before finishing them. Both of my parents are entrepreneurs as well.

Did you experience any insecurities growing up? If so, how did you overcome them or how are you currently dealing with them?

I didn’t have any insecurities. All praise and respect to my parents for telling me how beautiful, intelligent and phenomenal I am since birth. They also demonstrated that in their care and concern towards me, letting me have my own mind, supporting my interests, using loving and empowering affirmations in our daily interactions.

Any insecurities, doubts or fears I inhibit typically come from other people. Periodically, this is something I still tend to struggle with a bit. Being different will do that. I embrace it as a blessing.

My father sensed this very early on. He would and still to this day tells me, “Don’t let anyone dictate your emotions.” After realizing the majority of my fears, doubts and phobias were from external circumstances that I was allowing to affect my psyche internally. It changed my perspective. I’ve learned how to let my light radiate from the inside out.

Some people would make fun of my dark skin. After my parents explained to me how enriched my skin is, the proud heritage I represent and broke down the Eve gene concept, I grew to love my melanin even more than I already did.

What inspired you to start Metier Sophisticate?

As a business owner, I travel a lot. The majority of my clients and business partners reside in various places worldwide. However, I always felt like there weren't any travel agencies and advertisements that resonated with my colleagues and I, which was crazy considering African Americans spend 48 billion dollars on travel annually.

Yet, only 2.6% of advertisement is catered to African Americans.

This disparity didn't discourage me in the least. Instead, it's the very catalyst for how Metier Sophisticate was bred.

When I'm not traveling, I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, visiting art galleries and museums, teaching my mentees how to code, nature and spending time with friends and family.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a business owner? What advice can you give younger girls who want to be business owners?

I would say the biggest challenge I face as a CEO is time management. I use to subscribe to the notion if you want it done right, do it do yourself. However, I began to take on too much. Initially, attempting to run my business alone I saved time, but it cost me money. You can’t be the CEO, social media manager, director of operations, creative director, etc. LOL. Even though I have quite a diverse background with all of these skills, time just won’t allow it. You can’t be at a business meeting, training, networking event and traveling all at the same time. One area will get more of your attention than others; you’ll slack somewhere. You have to have a team to help you. My business partners’ support and efforts have turned Metier Sophisticate into what it is today.

I would tell the youth to form, nurture and cultivate your networking relationships with other girls. These relationships will assist their transitions in womanhood, business, relationships, etc. Don’t wait until you need something or something goes wrongs to be an ally to your fellow woman. My motto is, “Sisterhood: for we are more alike than we are different.”

Don’t wait until you need something or something goes wrongs to be an ally to your fellow woman

What are your goals for 2016? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

My goal for 2016 is to live a balanced life. I’ve always been extremely dedicated to my work. Taking time for yourself is important. How will you fulfill your God-given calling if you’re depleted? Designate time with your friends and family. After losing three family members tragically and unexpectedly at different times at the beginning of the year, it’s helped me put my life into perspective. I strive to be the best woman I can be spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Professionally, I will earn my first 6 or 7 figures in travel with Metier Sophisticate, which we are on pace to do. Also, I will be launching a nonprofit, teaching black and brown children how to code.

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