Happy Monday! Today we have a great interview for you all. We spoke with Lois!

Happy Monday! Today we have a great interview for you all. We spoke with Lois! Lois is a student, an amazing Christian and poet. She opened up about her early life, including obstacles she’s overcome and how amazing God has been in her life. Check it out!

What has molded you into the person you are today? 

I was born in Nigeria - Warri, Delta. My family and I lived there til I was about 6. We moved to the Middle East - Muscat, Oman, spent about 5 years and back to Nigeria then here (Houston) in ‘04. I have lived a very cultured life, of which I’m proud. Living around many different kinds, I grew a love for people. Weirdly enough, I used to be a little shy when meeting new people; I think giving my life to Christ and joint GZ (Ground Zero Ministries) played a HUGE role in my change. Actually, I know. I remember moving back to Houston after Lamar, I was so upset, I didn’t want to be back here. I know now that it was all part of Gods plan. So in short, I would say moving around, travel and God made me who I am now. Something happened to me in high school, its all part of a series of bad decisions I made through middle and high school. I was raped but it’s hard to decipher because I had a hand in putting myself in that situation. Long story short, I’d harbored those emotions for so long; I practically carried a chip on my shoulder. Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t question why God allowed those things to happen to me, I mean, I was still upset and regret it all everyday of my life but I was never angry at God. I was just indifferent. I don’t even know if that makes sense. My obstacles, all of them, were emotions are tried to run away from. Things I had piled up inside and insisted on ignoring because I was never afraid of mountains, I was scared I couldn’t make them move. 

Do you have any siblings? If so, how was your relationship with them? What are you doing now? What made you start leading at Ground Zero? 

I have three siblings total. One sister and two brothers. I am the second child but first daughter. I am only close to my sister, we do almost everything together - it wasn’t always like this so I’m so glad it is now. We only started getting close a little over two years ago. I did something terrible to my sister, really terrible. I am honestly surprised at how well she forgave me. I am writing this in hopes that she’ll read this (heeeey Raychelle girl!) I am currently in the application process for Pharmacy School. If you’re wondering, it’s stressful. Aside from that, poetry has my heart. I am working on a project that is long overdue so by grace, everything will work out. 

What made you start leading at Ground Zero? 

Honestly, I don’t know exactly how I transitioned into leadership at Ground Zero (lol) I started out serving - handing out cards, picking up trash after service, etc. then one Tuesday Bryant said my name in a message while naming the female leaders to talk to and that was that.

When did you begin writing? What do you mostly write about? 

I don’t fully remember, weird, I know because it is a love of mine but I remember my first poem. It was an angry poem about my best friend at the time…she was trying to sneak talk to a guy I liked at the time *shakes head viciously* either way, shouts out to you Ashley, you kick started this whole thing! I had heard poetry prior to the whole Judas situation (that’s Ashley lol) and I was so intrigued at how people played with words and made emotion come alive. It was, still is, so beautiful to me. I have been writing since I was 15 (the angry poem) and haven’t stopped since. My style has changed, and we thank God for the switch up. I mean, like with everything you do, there’s growth but recently I went back to read some old stuff and I was so embarrassed and every few lines I would look over my shoulder to make sure no one was behind me seeing my terrible poems lol I started out writing about different life experiences, mostly about how they made me feel. I remember hearing my first 'Christian poem’ and thinking “I could never do that”, I loved it but I didn’t think I could pair emotion with Christ, weird, I know. It was only until after I told the truth about a struggle I had that I felt moved to write about it. I had been struggling with pornography and masturbation too long and the day I finally overcame my fear of people finding out and told someone, I felt this in-explainable sensation. My fear was that people would find out and want nothing to do with me especially because I had just become a leader at GZ (Ground Zero Ministries). I felt so hypocritical so I hid it. One day I braced myself for the ridicule and decided to call someone and tell it all, surprisingly, I wasn’t rejected. The whole thing was so moving, there was so much emotion. I felt like I was flying, that’s the best way I can put it. It was then I knew that emotion and Christ to meet, and that’s when I started writing 'Christian poetry’. I don’t only write Christian poems, I write about anything that evokes emotion in me.

Thank you Lois for drenching the audience in your truths! Super transparent and inspiring! To learn more about Lois, check her out on Instagram: @ Le_soloist.