We had a pleasure speaking with recent college graduate Breaun Johnson

We had a pleasure speaking with recent college graduate Breaun Johnson, the soon to be book publisher and event coordinator.

Tell me about yourself.

I just graduated with my bachelor’s degree in communications from University of Houston Downtown. I had a lot of people tell me that I can’t make it.

I also work as a receptionist at a county club. I just scored 2 jobs as an event planner and I write for James United. 

How was your childhood?

Growing up it was just my mom and I. My brother was there too, but he was older. I didn’t have my dad as a support system. My mom had my brother at a young age, so she couldn’t complete college. I knew I wanted to be successful. I was told to go to college. After high school, I only applied to one college and I got denied. I took a semester off and I focused on working. I knew I had so many dreams, so I applied to HCC. I was always told if you can’t afford college, you can’t go. I thought that was crazy. Everyone should have a chance to do something. 

I see you’re an inspiring writer. Tell me more about your passion for writing. 

Yes, I plan to write my own book. I want to focus on realistic events. I am thinking about writing a book about a woman who is more successful than her husband and about how her husband is jealous of her success. There are a lot of men that feel like you can’t do better than them. They think, “If you date me, you can’t do better than me.” So I want my book to inspire women to do what they have to do for them. The right man will come along. 

Are you currently working on your book now?

I haven’t started just yet. I’m still trying to learn who I am as a writer. My reasoning behind one of my current positions as a writer for James United magazine is to discover my passions. I browsed the web and I came across this magazine that was looking for writers interested in an internship. I emailed the listed contact and submitted two papers from high school and I got the job!

Why do you want to start your own business? 

I want to start my own business so that I can do what I love to do which is write and plan events. I want to be an event planner. I went to school to get a degree and I’m still struggling with my well paying job. I think I could have been offered the same position without having a degree, school just taught me not to give up.

To contact her, follow her on IG @jhrae_!