Peighton is a graduating senior from Bellaire High School and she is also an phenomenal basketball player.

Peighton is a graduating senior from Bellaire High School and she is also an phenomenal basketball player. We were excited to speak with her about her passion for a male dominated sport and what she plans to do in the future. 

When did you know basketball was something you were good at and passionate about? 

Since I was a child I’ve always watched basketball with my Great Grandma. I’d sit down in the living room with her and I’d be so engaged. Everytime we’d have a family gathering I would put on my basketball clothes, go to the driveway and play with the boys. Seventh grade was when I actually started playing for my middle, and from there on out I realized basketball was something I wanted to dedicate my life to. 

How does it feel being a woman in a male dominated sport? 

It’s honestly gratifying and empowering to know that I can play a male sport as a female and not be defeated by the stereotypical male characteristics. 

In regards to basketball, what are your goals? As in, how far do you want to go? 

My goal was to receive a scholarship to be able to play in college and I was actually very blessed to receive a full ride to Southwestern Christian College. 

Have you ever struggled with anything? What are your struggles and how are you overcoming them? 

In middle school, I always seemed to struggle with my “looks.” I was never the girl they wanted me to be. Either I was too skinny or my hair was too short. I used to struggle with simply being accepted. As I got older I realized that nobody could do me better than I can do myself. God created me—and all my imperfections. And, I believe my imperfections are perfect. No one’s opinions of you should have an effect on how you live your life or how you accept yourself. 

What are some of your other goals after graduating High School? What are your life goals? How do you plan on accomplishing them? 

My life goals after college are designing my own clothes & hopefully opening my own retail shop in California. I’ve always been a fan of fashion and this is something I’ve had in mind since my 9th grade year of high school. 

We truly believe you will accomplish everything you set your mind to; you’re already off to an amazing start. To learn more about Peighton, visit her @ Paaaywaay.