We had the pleasure of speaking with Dee who is an artist.


We had the pleasure of speaking with Dee who is an artist. Besides being an artist, she also has an eye for the visual arts. Dee also shared with us some truths that women may go through. So check out her story!

How was your childhood growing up?

Growing up was cool & rocky for me at the same time, I was in between a tomboy and girly girl. I was bad as hell too, I’ll admit. I had tons of friends, I loved to play outside, play video games & watch movies. I did a ton of activities as a kid from gymnastics to swimming. I played soccer for a few years and was even in the church choir. Everything was pretty normal until my siblings were born. These two twins are the spawn of Satan himself, just kidding. But basically I was a spoiled brat. But with 2 new siblings, the focus shifted, which caused me to come to reality really fast at 7 years old. I grew up too fast after that. My mom sort of molded me in a way I can’t even properly explain, but I’m extremely thankful for it. I did get picked on as a child but not to an extreme. But I do believe that builds character. We all need a tad bit of it, well of what we can handle. 

Did you experience any obstacles growing up? Particularly, any obstacles that may have hindered who you are today?

Yes & No. I’ve always been my own person, as a kid I always got the “you’re weird” but I guess to some people it sort of made them seek an interest in me. I’ve never really openly talked about my insecurities but I’ve been struggling with my weight since I was 12, if I can remember. I’m still to this day struggling with my weight. This is probably my biggest obstacle preventing me from growing because I’m still dealing with it. My friends tell me I’m fine all the time, but fine isn’t what I want so since then I’ve lost mad weight so I can’t complain that much. It’s just the constant thought of wanting to lose more and more weight everyday that bugs me. 

Understandable. Everyone still struggles with insecurities; some are just more willing to admit it than others, thank you for sharing that! But despite of that, you are very creative. When and how did you develop the skill for visual arts?

Honestly, I do not know how I got my eye for things but the process is like a spark. You know how sparks fly? Yep, just like that. Everything just falls into place right after. I also pay attention to details. I developed this skill over the last 2 years. I’m still learning. I consider myself a beginner in this but give me a year. 

You’re also a rapper, when did you develop the gift?

My dad was a rapper in the 90s, so I think the gene passed down to me I guess, I don’t know. I rap just like him, its weird because I’m a woman, you know? Well you wouldn’t know it, but I just feel a tad weird rapping because I’m so use to it being a male sport in my opinion. Any who, I found out my junior/senior year I could spit. I was in a rap group with my friends called Trillagang in like 2012; ahh memories!  

What do you have planned for your future, as far as being a rapper and just in general?

Well, in regards to my music, I plan on releasing a full length LP this year and hopefully I’ll start performing more often. I’m actually about to relocate to Miami for a while, until this summer. I’ll also be directing a ton of videos as well! Super excited to show everyone what’s been cooking. I already have some on the way and I actually caught up on visuals. Be on the look out for new content from ya girl! 

To learn more about Dee, contact her @st0nadee.