Today we have an interview from an amazing singer/songwriter, Abrieel!

Today we have an interview from an amazing singer/songwriter, Abrieel! Abrieel is all the way from Sacramento, California! She’s accomplished so much, and we’re excited to share with you what it took for her to get this far. 

Tell us more about yourself, including your childhood. What influences (negative/positive) shaped who you are today? When did you get into singing? 

Thank you so much ! I appreciate that, I really work so hard on my music and I’m loving my new sound. I have so much to share and I know my upcoming mixtape soul II soul is going to inspire many people especially young women and other people apart of the LGBT community. Music has been a part of my life since I was 8 years old. I was homeless for a while with my mom and one of my brothers in Sacramento California moving from shelter to shelter, church floors, buses anything that was warm. It was then that I began to draw closer to my higher power and music. I would always write songs that were positive or negative anything I witnessed on those streets or the things I felt or saw my single mother going through. I almost lost my mother to the fast life, even though we’re stable when she let it all go when lost everything, so that was another negative that impacted my entire life. Things began to get better for my family around 2010 actually, my mom had all five of her kids with her helping out and doing a lot more together. By 2011/2012 my mom and  I came to an agreement that we would start our new chapter in Las Vegas, her as dental hygienist/music manager and me as her artist and full time student. So that takes me to how I got my name. I prefer to go by Abrieel, Abrieel is the name I created once I started high school. I wanted something different that people could call me that I was proud of. It’s the abbreviation for my whole name which is (A)shley (Bre)Anna (L)ewis I just spelled it Abrieel. Abrieel is who I am today, of course I am still Ashley but Abrieel is a more vibrant soul. She is brighter, wiser, and aware of her purpose. She no longer seeks love, attention and acceptance from anyone but herself and GOD. I love who I am now, I want to show other young ladies that when you go through hard times it is you that can change the outcome. And that’s exactly what I did ! I’ve been bullied in elementary, hurt from last relationships, used by friends and just let down in general. I just learned how to create every negative into something beautiful. I have so much love in my heart and I believe peace & love is really all I need to grow. YOU ARE ART, every person is an artist whether they believe it or not. They just have to experience something to CREATE. 

You spoke about the LGBT community tell me how you play a part? You also said you almost lost your mom to the fast life, what do you consider the fast life? And lastly, let’s talk about your music what are you currently working on and what are your music goals ? 

Thank you, I don’t really open up about my story unless it’s connected to my music so that felt good. I am a proud supporter of the LGBT community and I am Bi-Sexual. Like I said before, I believe that love is very powerful and it doesn’t matter who you love, love is love. I am very open about my sexuality. The fast life to me means drugs and prostitution, things you never see coming when you think your doing everything right.  

So my music, I’m so excited ! I don’t really know where to start. I’m currently working on my first mixtape “Soul II Soul”, it will have a total of 14 songs and some really big collaborations & producers behind it as well, E 40s son Droope is one of them, as far as features r&b singer OSHEA, LECCEE, DACIA MONET & rapper ERIC THA HERO, they are all phenomenal upcoming artist. The meaning behind my project Soul II Soul is for me to explain to myself & to my listeners where I am going and where I have been. To inspire each soul that they are important, that their energy is very special. That they should not let anyone validate them. To always chase their dreams and to never settle for less. Most importantly to have fun & be freeeee. My fans are my free spirits, I want them to be themselves because that’s what I do. Why pretend to be something you are not, or be afraid of to reach new heights. The sky is definitely the limit in my eyes. My goal is pretty much everything I mentioned above. I want to be able to connect with my followers and inspire them with my words. 

Congratulations on all of your many accomplishments Abrieel. To check out Abrieel’s music visit her Instagram, SoundCloud,  and Twitter @ AbrieelMusic.