Cierra is an amazing upcoming Chef.

Cierra is an amazing upcoming Chef. She’s has an amazing future and story, and we’re honored to have the opportunity to share it with you all today. Check it out! 

You are a chef, so my first question is, out of all the careers out there, what made you decide that being a chef is for you? What is your favorite dish? Do you have a plan after school and what is it?

I’ve always known how to cook but what really set it off was being at Prairie View. Being at school realizing that I’d rather cook then go to class persuaded me to check out culinary school. The fact that people love my food and they begged for it made me happy. I believe in having a career in something that makes you happy everyday. I love it! I really wouldn’t say that I have a best dish because I believe everything is my best…but if I had to choose it would be my famous queso nachos. I put ingredients that nobody would think of. I put time and love into my food. 

Did you cook with your parents when you was younger? How was your childhood growing up?  

When I was younger my mom was gone a lot because she was a flight attendant so I would have to cook for my dad and I. I really just taught myself and figured out what tasted right together. My childhood was really good growing up. Especially being an only child I got anything and everything I wanted. We flew everywhere since my mom was a flight attendant.  

What have you overcome to help you become who you are today? Being biracial, has it affected you growing up?  

I think a lot of my relationship and friendships have made me who I am today. I’ve been through a lot for my age so I like to use what I’ve been through to help others. Also being an only child makes me a little stronger because I always have to walk around with a shield protecting myself. I only have me myself and I nobody is going to have my back as far as a sister or a brother …it’s just me. I trust very few. I may let a lot of people believe I trust them but, I don’t. Being biracial is harder than being just black or white or any other race. You get hate from the white side and from the black side. Black people are always saying you’re so white. White people say I’m too black. I’m just me at the end of the day and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to like me. I feel like I let things slide too much because it actually hurts when people say those things. I just have to be comfortable with who I am.. Be comfortable in my biracial skin.  

Do you have a plan after school and what is it?  

I plan on being a caterer for big events and or a personal chef. I don’t want to cook the same menu every single night. Being a caterer or personal chef I get to cook whatever they want and it won’t be the same each time.

Thanks so much Cierra for sharing your truths with everyone today! To check out Cierra visit her on Instagram @ CeciliaNevada.