Nicole, the founder of His Daughter, On How to Conquer our Insecurities

Nicole, the founder of His Daughter. His Daughter is all about loving God, loving people, and helping women conquer low self esteem by being Christ esteemed. Today she shares her truth, check it out! 

How was your childhood growing up? 

My childhood was anything but normal, but I’m grateful for it. My parents divorced when I was around 11 and we moved around a lot. I’ve learned to constantly adjust to change and embrace challenges because of that. 

How has your relationship with your parents affected you as an adult and have you ever been insecure about anything?  

There’s a divine reason why God hand picks our parents and it’s by no mistake why God chose my parents to raise me. They are key instruments that play into who I am today. 

My mom is outgoing and feisty. My dad is reclusive, yet adventurous. Both are extremely artistic and creative, and I’ve absorbed it all since birth. Everything they’ve instilled in me is uniquely used now to bring God glory. 

I’m insecure in myself, in general. If a person has never experienced insecurity in some capacity, I would assume they don’t live on planet earth, or they’re not human. I’ve struggled with bulimia for over 8 years of my life, and it wasn’t a 12-step program or daily affirmations that healed my disease. I found freedom when I truly found security in Jesus, not in myself. 

It wasn’t a 12-step program or daily affirmations that healed my disease. I found freedom when I truly found security in Jesus, not in myself.

We can’t put our hope in what we see in the mirror because it will fail us time and time again. We need a Savior, and that is why scripture tells us to deny ourselves and who we are (Luke 9:23). It’s because we are clothed in flesh with a fallen nature, and we can only find true eternal security in the one thing in the universe that’s secure, Christ. 

When did your walk with Christ truly begin? 

July 2, 2013. I had one Divine encounter with God that forever transformed me. I fell head over hills in love with God, and I literally left my old turn up lifestyle cold turkey. When we truly have an encounter of who He is, there’s no way we can be the same.

You’re in a relationship, dating a Christian who is also passionate about God, what are some of the perks and struggles? 

Man! It’s great, I’m truly blessed to have him. It’s awesome to have a man that honors me, and respects me. I don’t have to worry about where he is, who he’s with, none of the draining nonsense I use to deal with. He’s really about loving God with his whole heart and I receive the generous overflow. We constantly challenge each other. We can talk about Scripture all day and it’s never boring. It’s amazing to be with someone who is equally yoked, and is just as passionate about loving God and people as I am. 

The struggles are…he’s fine and I can’t wait for the wedding day!

What advice would you give to women who look up to you, who may be trying to overcome insecurities?

Don’t look for security within yourself because you’ll never find it. There’s only one person who holds the key to security and has the power to free you, And that’s Christ. I’ve tested and tried this.

We can waste our money on waist trainers and self-help books but you’ll find they all fall short. Get to know God for yourself and He will impart His everlasting security within you.

What are your current goals and how are you working towards reaching those goals? 

Right now I’m working on challenging what’s considered normal in this generation. Sounds crazy but that’s the point. Romans 12:2 has really been on repeat for me these days and I’ve had the revelation that I don’t want my lifestyle to look anything like this worlds, and I’m completely ok with that. Everything I do I challenge my thought pattern on it with a “who, what, and a why?” 

Another goal I’m currently working on is to simply be present. I’m always on the go: working, responding to emails, doing His Daughter projects, on Instagram or browsing the net. I really want to slow down, and enjoy the simple things unplugged. So lately I’ve been very conscientious of putting my phone down during dinner or when I’m somewhere new I just absorb and enjoy.  

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