Today’s interview is amazing! Celeste has completely drenched us in her truths.

Today’s interview is amazing! Celeste has completely drenched us in her truths. She talks about a lot of things young girls, and even things women struggle with. She opens up about her personal experiences and she even gives advice on how to overcome these things. Her passion for Christ is in spring all on its own. Check it out! 

How was your childhood? What were some things you were insecure about? 

I was raised by my grandmother, we were really close and she influenced me a lot. We were a close family. Daily, it was maybe 17 people in and out of the house. She was a very welcoming woman. 

Growing up, I didn’t really have too many insecurities. I was really skinny (probably even unhealthy skinny). I wasn’t really bullied… I was the bully (lol). If there was ever anything I was insecure about, it was probably my sexuality… which started young.  

Why were you insecure (struggling) with your sexuality? 

I was struggling because I was more attracted to women than men. (By God’s grace) I don’t think there was ever a point where I was simply not attracted to a man, but for a long time I was more attracted to women. It was because of sexual abuse that went on. Some came from a family member. As I grew older, for a period of time I was disgusted with the entire thing (sex in general). Particularly with males, in my mind there was only one other option. Maybe I was bi-curious. Even in Elementary School, I was wrestling with having an attraction to women and not being able to talk about it. It became one of those things I just had to suppress. As a eight year old, I didn’t know how to deal with sexual intimacy (something I shouldn’t have learned about young to begin with). My attraction to women may be unique to some people, because it was completely circumstantial. I was not born with this craving for women.  

I was getting into serious fights when I was younger. My mom decided one day to team up with my grandmother. My grandmother did evangelical ministry in juvenile. My mother wanted me to assist my grandmother doing juvenile ministry. My mother wanted me to see what my life would be like if I continued down a bad path. When I went there I was similar to Riley from the boondocks (lol). I actually loved it, (my mother didn’t like that) and that’s when my passion for ministry and baking began. We had the opportunity to pray with the kids, hear their stories… and they were my age! For instance, one girl killed both of her parents at the age of 14, later down the line she had a heart of repentance and couldn’t go anywhere. It made me appreciate my freedom more. Eventually I just wanted to do something for them, they seem trapped. I asked my grandmother was there something we could do. That morning, before we left to go to the juvenile facility, she had cupcake mix, butter, flour, and eggs. We made cupcakes and cookies for the kids in the Juvenile. Some of the kids started crying when we brought to them. One girl in particular gave me a teddy bear, I actually still have this bear, and that’s what made me love evangelical ministry and baking.  

When did you overcome those things and when did your passion for Christ begin? 

My mother was very physically abusive growing up. After I graduated High School, we got into a bad altercation. Growing up, naturally as children we’re afraid of our parents, but eventually my fear turned into anger. I started playing basketball, which made me realize I am pretty strong. I started to provoke my mother, I wanted her to fight me. We got into a big physical altercation and after that I was in juvenile. After I got out I went to live with my grandmother. She got in touch with my biological father, and we weren’t speaking, because he wasn’t around. My grandmother was very zero tolerance when it came to me not speaking with my parents. She was supportive of me, I know she loved me, but she was not going to let me get away with not speaking with them. She got in touch with him and he started to call, maybe two times a week, it slowed down to once a month, then to once every now and then. It had a lot to do with the fact I wasn’t answering my phone, so he stopped trying eventually. By then I put myself back in church. I thought I was just going to bible study, but it was actually revival service. The very first day the pastor was speaking about fathers. I thought it so so ironic. I went through with the three day revival and the following Sunday is when I believe I got saved. After that I gave my biological father a call and he asked me how school was going. I began to lie to him, because I didn’t want to say I couldn’t afford it. I told him I wasn’t in school because I didn’t have any money. He was in the army, and he never used any of his benefits, within a week I was able to register. I wouldn’t have been able to register for school or any of that, had I not been obedient to the Lord. Salvation, for me, came with a lot of open doors I wouldn’t have had if I had been stubborn and bitter.  

What are your current goals? 

I want to do everything before 30, that’s my biggest goal. I want to have two town-homes (paid off). I want to be able to move people in for a low cost per month. I want to be able to help my friends, and also assist my husband and make sure our own bills are paid. I would love to be a stay at home mom and even home school my children. I am planning ways now to be able to live that way in the future.  

You’re extremely talented at baking, you don’t want to open your own bakery?No, and I actually struggled with this for a while. I love baking and pastries, but I love the Lord more. Don’t get me wrong, I believe you can glorify God by living a righteous life as a pastry chef. However, I do not think God has called me to exclusively to do that for the rest of my life. There are things that I do that can help my family, but I’ve never wanted to open a shop. That was just pressure others put on me. I want to make sure my children know the gospel and love the Lord. After working under women who are bakery owners and seeing how their lives are, I wouldn’t want that for myself and my kids. Right now, my goal as a pastry chef is to connect with small businesses and help them build their businesses.  

Do you have any advice for women who have similar struggles? 

To women who have grown up without their father: You have to find a man (father figure) that you love and that loves you, who is okay with taking you under his wing. Sometimes it comes organically and sometimes you have to search for them and it’s not fair. I would encourage anyone to find a father figure who can lead you in the way of the Lord. There are some things only a man can teach you.  

To women who have been sexually abused: I encourage those girls to have a voice. What I went through as a young girl could have ended a long time ago, had I spoke up about it. A woman who is being sexually abused needs to talk to someone who they trust, someone they can be vulnerable and transparent with. You do have the power to end those things. Pray. 

To women struggling with same sex attraction: You have to choose to lay off the old things and put on Christ. When you love God enough you’ll hate the sin. For me personally, the Lord has called me to submission and if I choose to live another way, then I cannot claim to be a lover of the Lord.  

Honestly, there is nothing in this world that can make your brokenness whole again like Christ. 

Beautifully said Celeste! To speak with or even to learn more about Celeste check her out on Instagram @CelesteAlexBradley.