From childhood, Christine was instilled the proper knowledge to be successful.

From childhood, Christine was instilled the proper knowledge to be successful. She was also taught to follow her passion in Dance, in which she is doing. Though she has several more years before she graduates, she’s working hard to make something out of herself in the mean time.

How was your childhood growing up?

My childhood was filled with love. I was raised by my mother and grandmother in Houston. They are both strong successful women who instilled all the tools in me that I needed to be the same.

Were there any obstacles that may have prevented you from getting where you are today?

I say no, because I believe that whatever God has for you is for you and there’s no obstacle that is too big for him to handle. 

You’re an artist, dancer and model. How did you get into all three? 

Dance would definitely be my first love. I started taking ballet at five years old and continued all the way through High School and now I am studying dance in college. I’ve known since the age of six when I wrote my first song, that I wanted to be a music artist. Modeling is something that got into recently after I decided that I needed an image to go along with my talent.

You’re a student at University of Houston, what are you studying?

I am a transfer at University of Houston from Lamar. This will be my third year pursuing my degree in dance. I have six years left but I am going to enjoy every dance step of the way!

What do you have planned for your future? What are your ultimate goals?

In the near future I will debut my first project as a music artist. My ultimate goal in life is to achieve all my career goals and to make my guardian angel in heaven proud. 

To contact Christine, follow her on IG @christine_angelle!