It was a pleasure speaking with Ms. Kelsi Alexander, a middle school teacher in the Houston area.

It was a pleasure speaking with Ms. Kelsi Alexander, a middle school teacher in the Houston area. She is a soon-to-be Principal and is currently working on positively impacting the education system.

How was your childhood growing up?

I grew up with an older brother and a single mother who sacrificed everything to keep her children active. My mother worked two jobs so that I could travel with my AAU and USA track team. Every year since the age of 6, I competed to run in the junior Olympics and every time I placed in and qualified in my relay events. I lived in Missouri City, TX until the age of 8 years old where I grew up on the southwest side of Houston. I begin competing in gymnastics, softball, cheerleading and track and field. In the summer I would participate in TSU’s Summer Enrichment Program, where I competed on the dance and swim team. Growing up with a single mother, my brother and I managed to attend 3 church services every week. On Sundays, we had to go to Sunday school and morning worship. On Tuesdays, we had choir rehearsal. And on Thursdays, there was children’s bible school. On holidays, I would praise dance for the late services. My mother molded my brother and I to be very independent and well rounded.

Your mother definitely deserves a round of applause! Did you face any insecurities growing up? 

Growing up with Eczema, I have always been insecure of my skin. Every time the weather changes outside I would break out on my arms or the back of my legs. I use to pray for it to go away because it has left many scars on my legs. It’s hereditary in my family but now that I’m older I’ve learned to embrace it.

You’re a student at PV and you already have your first degree, what are you working on now?

I received my Bachelors of Arts in social work at Prairie View A&M university and I am now working on my masters online studying education administration.

You’re also a teacher for special needs students, how do you like working with your students? How did you get the opportunity?

I received a paraprofessional job as a special education specialist aide at a middle school after my internship. I enjoy working with students because it gives me a different perspective and I able to learn from them every day.

What are your ultimate goals? What do you have planned for your future?

My ultimate goal is to be a middle school principal and to start day cares on college campuses. I am currently in the Texas Teachers Alternative Certification Program and plan to be certified to teach elementary, middle and high school students.

To learn more about Kelsi, follow her on IG @kel_ceeee!