We spoke with artist Lita Styles

We spoke with artist Lita Styles, who is a former nursing student, who decided to pursue her dreams instead. She opened up about her background growing up, and her current successes.

“I was born into a house hold of musicians. My dad played the sax and always had the best taste in music. My mom was in a band in Chicago, lead vocalist and had mad skills on the guitar. Then there is my younger brother, his voice is one to be reckoned with. He has been creating music since a little kid. As for me, creating has always been important to me. I was in dance and musical theatre all throughout middle school and high school. I danced for dance group outside of school called Wyld Styl for a few years and had to drop out because of nursing school, which I ended up dropping out of as well because I wanted to keep creating. That is when I switched my major. Going through all of that has led me to my true passion. Which is doing what I know God has blessed me to do. I recorded my first song last year, but it was not until this year I got back in the studio with Bobby Earth and my creative director Marz. Both who helped me create my first EP “From a Flower Pot.”

Lita’s story is amazing, and we hope it inspires other to chase after their dreams. To be featured, check us out pinkprods.com