Rosebeth: A Photographer Who Aims to Empower Women One Photo at A Time

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with photographer, Rose Beth of Destiny Rose Photos. She started her career as a professional photographer three years ago and hopes to ultimately change the value of women in the industry.

 Find out more about how her love for photography came about in our interview below.

 How was your childhood? What experiences, negative or positive, profoundly impacted who are today?

 I would say growing up was kind of weird. I always had both parents in the household; however it was my mother who pretty much had everything on her back. Because my mother was a single parent who was always working, my older brother and sister helped raise us and that forced me to grow up maturely. One thing that stuck with me was my mom always telling us “No matter what happens, I want y’all to be leaders.” That was her biggest thing for us, being Nigerians in America. Watching my mother work like crazy as a single parent was hard for her and caused a disconnect between us. But it helped me be a leader, for sure, and taught me to work hard for what I have.

One thing that stuck with me was my mom always telling us “No matter what happens, I want y’all to be leaders.” That was her biggest thing for us, being Nigerians in America.

Growing up, did you have any insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them or how are you dealing with them today?

 I had big time insecurities. I've never been skinny. I've been pretty big all of my life and because of that I never cared about the way I dressed. Once I started high school, I developed a skin disorder where I get open sores under my armpits. On top of already not feeling beautiful it made me depressed all throughout high school. But something in between graduating high school and going to college caused me to take control of my weight. I used my resources and started dieting to lose weight. I still have the skin disorder but I don't focus on it too much because I have other things going on in my life that I’m trying to get bigger and better at.

 I also got saved in college so learning about the certain issues people in the Bible went through helped. I know, for instance, the book of Job touches me because we kind of had the same afflictions going on, but he continued pressing forward and continued trusting in the Lord.

 When did you first discover your love for photography?

 I asked for my first camera in 11th grade and it was from Walgreens. The quality was so horrible that you could hardly see the pictures you were taking. After that, I started taking pictures of people at my church, since we were always at church. And then I got a canon power shot which was way better than the first camera. When I asked for a Sony superzoom, random people in my high school would pay me to take their pictures and print them out. My first year in college, I got my first DSLR where I took pictures of my friends and I got asked to do a graduation shoot. That’s when I started playing around with Photoshop, which pushed me to start studying photography because for me if I'm doing something I want to make sure I'm doing it really well. More graduation shoots and party requests came along. From there, I started creating themed photoshoots. So now I have been working 2 or 3 years as a professional photographer.

 Who or what inspires your work the most?

 I would say Emily Soto, her work is very soft and whimsical. Her and Laura Jane are a few photographers who give a live insight on what they’re doing. These women are really changing the game and trying to make it so women are brought in the forefront a little more.

 What are you most looking forward to in the next chapter of your life? And what can we expect in the future from Destiny Rose Photos?

 I’m looking forward to really stepping up what it is I'm doing with photography. I want to produce work that stands out, so when people see it they automatically know that's a Destiny Rose photo.


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