Deanna Fusillo, Solving Problems one Instagram Story @ A Time


I'm a problem solver and idea executor. Challenge me and watch the outcome. That is the mantra of Deanna of Sassy Girl Media. She is obsessed with helping others go after their dream and she finds it truly rewarding when those dreams succeed.

Life balance has been an art she is working to conquer. Deanna took a few moments from her busy life to talk with us about her challenges of 2016 and gave insight on how businesses connect with their followers online.

How do you balance work and life?

Let's face it, being a single mom and an entrepreneur requires a lot of time. There's no punching a clock and separating the two.

I believe that it's important to find that balance and what that balance looks like is different for everyone. For me, I find that being disciplined with your time is very important. I believe in taking Sunday as a day focused on faith and family.

My goal has been to schedule my work around my family. That may mean getting up earlier than everyone else to work and getting things done that need to be so that I can enjoy my family later. However, not everything is always picture perfect if I'm going, to be honest here. There are times when my business may require more of me and there are times when my family requires more of me, however, in the end, I believe it all balances out.


Do you prefer Instagram stories or Snapchat? Which should a business invest their time in?

Personally, I prefer Instagram stories. I love what Instagram brings to the table. As far as what a business should invest in, I think that depends on the business and the target market of the business.

Both platforms offer a lot and it's truly a matter of preference. You have to ask yourself where your target customer is hanging out. If your target is more on Snapchat, then that's where you should focus your energy.

How do you maintain a connection with your social media followers?

I believe it's important to just keep it real. Even if you're a B2B, there is still a real person behind that business that you want to connect to. Being relatable is something that will catch someone's attention. If someone takes the time to comment, then respond back to them.

It's also important to remember that social media is not a one-way street! It's not about having others connect with you and then doing nothing in return. Connect with others as well. If you are your own brand, then don't be afraid to share who you really are.


It’s not about having others connect with you and then doing nothing in return. Connect with others as well. If you are your own brand, then don’t be afraid to share who you really are.


What is the biggest challenge you have faced in 2016 and what has it taught you?

The biggest challenge I have faced this year is breaking the mindset that there are limits. Many people, myself included, have placed limits on what they are able to achieve. I've had to be intentional with my thinking.

1. God is always in control and I have nothing to fear if I put all of my trust in Him.

2. There are no limits.

Whatever I believe I can achieve, I will. I've always believed that, however, this time, the threshold is removed and things I once thought were hard to reach are now coming to fruition.

What’s one tip for start-ups that want to begin to have an online presence?

Just one is hard. I may have to give two and that is: have a plan and be consistent.

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