Lauren Joy: The Joy of Life, Beauty, and Vision

Growing up as a ballerina and gymnast, Lauren knew life could be a fairy tale accompanied by hard work and discipline. She took a risk and followed her heart. Diving face forward into the beauty arena, she has since become a model, beauty queen, entrepreneur and an inspiration to young women.

Learn more about Lauren Joy and her pursuit of exploring life, beauty, and vision below.

What experiences shaped you into the woman you are today?

My life has been full of experiences. I have been tested beyond what I thought I could handle and sure enough I’m still standing stronger than before! I’m choosing to create my own path, following my passion and dreams no matter what has led me to become who I am.  I grew up as a ballerina and gymnast. Years later, I became a model, beauty queen, and entrepreneur. I like to be well versed in as many different things as possible.

What made you decide your career path?

The main decision I made was to be true to myself. Most young women graduate high school and pursue college. For me, I craved life, experiences, and travel. Ultimately, I wanted my own business and I dove right into the working world to obtain as much experience as possible while testing different markets. I found myself in all aspects of the beauty and fashion industry.

What are some obstacles you've had to overcome in the industry and how did you overcome them?

I love obstacles, but why? Well, no matter how challenging the obstacle, it will make you better at your game. The beauty industry is very competitive. As a business owner and model, I have to be on point, not everyone will like me, some will be envious and sometimes politics are prevalent. Being true to my brand and what I stand for preserves my authenticity.

no matter how challenging the obstacle, it will make you better at your game

What advice do you have for younger girls with the same career path?

You can literally have anything you dream of if you’re willing to do the work. Hustle and follow your heart. The path isn’t always clear along the way. But, if you follow your heart, don’t let anyone steer you off course because you’ll get there.

What are your current and future goals for yourself? Where can we find your work?

Currently, I am getting ready to launch my beauty products, “Lauren Joy Beauty.” I have been pouring all of my expertise and inspiration into creating some of the most timeless beauty innovations. My goal is to inspire women all around the globe to look and feel their very best. You can find my work at