Never lose faith in you, is what Rachel Glider would say

Relationship expert Rachel Glider is a witness that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Like many of us, the road to success hasn’t been a straight path. But Rachel knows that road blocks only block you from going forward if you let them. She never let life’s trials and tribulations discourage her, even if that meant taking a detour to reach her goal. 

Read our exclusive interview below to learn how Rachel uses her own experience to help coach others.

What experiences helped shape the woman you are today?

I have had a lot of struggles, obstacles, and tests that have helped shape me to be who God has designed me to be. From surviving toxic relationships, business-ships, and friendships. I had to learn that it was not what happened to me, it was why it happened to me. I understand that God was allowing it to happen to birth me for greatness.

I had to learn that it was not what happened to me, it was why it happened to me.

Growing up did you experience any insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them?

I was bullied growing up, and I was told that I was too black and that my lips and glasses were too big. I started telling myself different. In my eBook, Steps to Heal for Purpose, I speak about building self-confidence and how I overcame the challenge of being bullied. 

What inspired you to become a mentor/life coach?

People inspired me, and made me realize that this is where I needed to be. So many people would tell me their issues and I would tell them what to try. It worked so they told their discouraged friends and so on. So here I am today life coaching and helping people daily. 

What are some day to day challenges you face on the job? How do you overcome them?

I am my job so if anything, it’s separating myself from every other relationship expert or life coach. I challenge myself to be different.

What advice can you offer our readers who want to follow that career path?

The thing I tell everyone is to believe in themselves first and foremost. If you do not believe in you, how can you expect anyone else to believe in you? Be confident in what you are doing and what you are called to do. Get a mentor to help you brand yourself properly. It’s never too late and there is no wrong idea. Do not be afraid of the unknown or too fearful to step out of the box and try.


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