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The Evolution

Myosha Talks Fashion Do's and Don'ts and Celebrities Killing the Industry

Myosha Porterie is definitely a trend setter. Born into a stylist and fashion forward family, she has always had an eye for coordination. At the age of 4 she was taught how to put color palettes together and today she is the owner of Porterie. Porterie presents simplistic, yet staple pieces that inspire women to be all they can be and dress according to their imagination. 

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How Crisis Brought Joyce Sadiku to Christ

 At eight years old, Joyce lost her mother to breast cancer. She also had to deal with losing a new step-mother in the same year as she lost her mother, and a father by whom she didn’t feel loved. Joyce tells us how these things pushed her towards Christ. 

We interviewed Joyce in 2016 and we were recently able to check in with her. Today she is thousands of miles away from home in Antigua at AUA, a Caribbean medical school. 

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5 Tips to Building a Business out of Your Passions with Fitness Influencer and Photographer Mena Darre

June 2, 2017 is a special day for Mena Darre. That’s the day she plans to take the leap and quit her day job to focus full-time on working in her passions. “No matter how busy I get, I squeeze in time for what's important.” Teaching at an all-girls charter school, Mena has learned the importance of setting a strong example for young women. Continue reading to find out how she balances all of her ambitions.

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How Savello Became an Artist and Why You Can Become One Too

You might say no, but Savello would tell you that you could do it! Anyone can become an artist with hard work, dedication and consistency and Savello is a testament to that. She discovered that she loved to paint when she decided to just do something fun one night. Before she knew it, she started spending long hours in the studio. It was at that moment she realized that she could do this forever.

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Digital Influencer Doni Brown on How to Constantly Inspire, Influence & Progress

“My light shining doesn't dim yours” is one of Doni’s favorite quotes. She truly believes that you must have a positive and growth mindset to pursue your dreams. With a digital marketing background, she turned her successful blogging into a legitimate business. Doni is committed to investing, influencing, inspiring and leaving her mark on this world.

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