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The Evolution

Deanna Fusillo, Solving Problems one Instagram Story @ A Time

I'm a problem solver and idea executor. Challenge me and watch the outcome. That is the mantra of Deanna of Sassy Girl Media. She is obsessed with helping others go after their dream and she finds it truly rewarding when those dreams succeed. Life balance has been an art she is working to conquer. Deanna took a few moments from her busy life to talk with us about her challenges of 2016 and gave insight on how businesses connect with their followers online.

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How Micki Morris Used Life’s Curveballs to Create Success

Micki Morris was a typical PK, short for preacher’s kid. She grew up as the oldest child of a large family and when she was younger she had plans to go to Bible College, marry a God-fearing man and travel the world as a missionary. However, at 17, she found herself pregnant. Her life, as she once knew it, began to take a different route. Read more about how she overcame life’s curveballs, turned her battles into victories and achieved financial success.

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Chari Chin-Young is still promoting peace around the world

Chari Chin-Young realizes that a better life begins at the end of your comfort zone. And it wasn’t until she realized the benefits of trading comfort for growth that she truly started living. She is a young peace-seeker, who has dedicated her life to travel and service. And she is now the co-founder of World Peace Connection and a part of Unearth Travel-prenuers YouTube channel. 

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How to Bet on Yourself & Supply Your Own Yes: An intimate conversation with Reese Evans, Founder of Yes Supply

Reese Evans gave us an hour of her time to discuss how she learned to stand out and stand apart, how she stopped caring what naysayers think, what she thinks entrepreneurs and creatives could do to follow her path and so much more. That's when Yes Supply was born. In just a little over a year, Yes Supply has grown tremendously. With more than 16,600 followers on Instagram and a dedicated community of ambitious female creatives and entrepreneurs in her Yes Supply Collective, it's hard to believe that Reese just started.

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How Chelsea Whitley Became a Mom at 17 and a Entrepreneur at 24

Her circumstances were anything but easy and her life choices may have caused others to write her off and question her destiny. Yet seven years later, Chelsea has managed to find a balance between motherhood, entrepreneurship and a life outside of it all. Find out how Chelsea manages her schedule throughout the week to ensure that she has enough time to get things done and spend quality time with her daughter. She also shares details on the tough decision she had to make between money & peace not too long ago.

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