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The Evolution

How Nigel Stokes-Noah Lost 145 Pounds & Helps Others Do the Same Through Boxing

It’s almost impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing a picture of someone at the gym or a post of someone eating a healthy dinner. Everyone wants to be fit. But in reality, many of us are still not making the right lifestyle changes we need to see healthy results. Nigel used to be in that predicament. She knew she wanted to change but she didn’t do much about it until she finally decided enough was enough. Since that decision, she has lost 145 pounds, opened an elite boxing club for women, and has never looked back.

Why You Should Read Chaneya Joyner’s New Blog, The Savvy Singer

Chaneya Joyner took advantage of the new year and decided to finally start the blog others have been requesting for her to create. The Savvy Singer is for those who love both music and fashion. As a college student, finishing her last semester, Chaneya has her days filled with one task after another but she still finds time to blog, rehearse for her school Opera and study for her classes. In our interview with her, Chaneya shares the secret to balancing her schedule and the most surprising thing about her new love for blogging.