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Top Ten ways to relax if you're on Vacation

It is a privilege to be able to take a vacation.  In most cases, taking time away from work or time away from our families, both can be very demanding.  Once you decide to take the time off, save some to do absolutely nothing. Traveling does not always require a full itinerary. You can still have a fabulous time relaxing.  Here are my top ten ways to relax on your vacation.

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Why You Should Visit The World’s Largest Salt Flat

The Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia are the biggest salt flats in the world. They are also the location of many popular pictures on the Internet. 

If you’ve seen a photo of people appearing to step on each other or a picture of people holding a group of people in their hands, you’ve likely seen this place in the background. The possibilities for these types of photos are endless, just like the salt flats themselves. You can stand in one spot and spin around and not see anything but the salt flats in every direction. They appear endless.

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