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Social Media Affects Your Body Image Too

In all of my social media applications I get bombed by countless articles and photographs of beautiful models with perfect bodies. And not going to lie, there’ve been several times where these images affect my self-esteem. However, I’ve learned over time that it is useless to let my confidence get weakened by unreal photographs and I’ve learn to filter what shows up in my social media engines.

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5 World Travelers on Instagram Who Will Make You Jealous

Instagram: the most popular social media app that not only saves us from boredom and awkward situations, but also informs us with the latest news and trending topics. And, one of those trending topics is world travel. Several millennials have been hired by top companies after they’ve opened an Instagram account and posted astonishing pictures while traveling! Here are the top five travel Instagram accounts you should be following now. Follow with caution though, these accounts will make you jealous!

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Can Social Media Induce Depression?

Yes, and lots of it! Despite social media being a great part of our lives considering that our daily tasks depend on its use; social media can induce depression as well. In a world where individuals constantly check their favorite websites to find news that spread unreal beauty standards, break ups, violent scenarios and lots of drugs; there’s definitely a lot of reasons to increase depression with the use of these websites.

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