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Black Men: Black Women Are Worthy of Love Too

Not too long ago, I read a post from a man that outlined the reasons why he would only date women of any other race except black women. As you may have guessed, this person happened to be a black man. This wasn’t particularly anyone I knew, rather it was a post that had been circulating online and had received considerable backlash from readers, specifically from women of color. 

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Why You Should Not Compromise Your Beliefs for a Relationship

When compromising in a relationship becomes a thing, particularly in the beginning of a relationship, this is a red flag. Recognize the signs in the beginning and actively avoid these situations. It gets harder to think clearly when you become deeply involved with someone and get to know them as a person. It gets even harder when you fall in love with.


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How Do You Deal When You Lose the Love of Your Life?

On March 27th 2015, Ms. Dolores lost her husband. We weren’t present at church to hear the news. I woke up that Sunday morning to a text from a youth group friend informing me of the recent death. “I’m sorry about Ms. Dolores husband,” it read. Truth is, I was confused and didn’t realize who Ms. Dolores was. At the moment, I didn’t realize that Ms. Dolores was the woman who sat a few seats down from us at church. I didn’t realize that she was the woman who gave hugs and talked to my family every Sunday. It was simply a misunderstanding. I knew the face, but I didn’t know the name.

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