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15 Things About Life I Wish I Knew Sooner

It’s super tempting to compare your journey to others. Watching others live their lives and achieve their dreams will never be an effective means of finding the motivation to do so in your own life. Understand that your story is your own. Celebrate the success of others while celebrating the wins in your life, no matter how small they may seem.

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17 Healthy Things You Can Do to Protect Your Inner Peace

There’s so much noise everywhere in our lives. Sometimes, it amounts to just too much stress. The news regularly reports murder, rape, robbery and crime. We work 80 plus hours, some even more. We deal with family, friendship, and relationship issues. We try to keep up with social media and our finances, all while trying to remain sane on a daily basis.

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4 Bible Verses You Should Live By When You're in a relationship or married

Marriage is tough. Our nation’s divorce rate is proof. But the bible makes it clear that marriage is not impossible and it is not meant to result in a life of headache and heartache. A relationship should be centered around trust, compassion, and love. If you are a Christian, chances are you value your relationship with Christ and like many of us, you desire a healthy and loving marriage.

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How to Fully Surrender & Remove the Shame of Your Past

Years rolled by, and I had buried it. I couldn’t even recall it myself, but He has been digging deep lately. Delivering me from things I was unaware of, and revealing a past I was still a slave too. I got confused. I was saved, forgiven, healed, and changed. He had even confirmed these things. I had heard them loud in the quiet of my soul. Forgiven. New. Saved

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The Reality of Being a Christian

Passion fills us. Conviction pierces our hearts. We are confident in this decision. We raise our hand. We recite a prayer. We are saved. It’s all going to be different now. The way we think. The way we speak. Our desires. Our perspective. Stress is no match for salvation. Temptation has got nothing on a soul dedicated to Christ. We are a new creation. Old things have passed away. 

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12 Bible Verses Every Woman Should Know

Life as a woman can be quite the challenge sometimes.

Without a doubt, we must have a good career. We must be good and considerate friends. To our family, we must be loving sisters and daughters. Don’t forget, we are expected to be married and we are expected to start a family. God forbid, we haven’t done both by 30. If we haven’t the world looks at us with curious eyes and if we have, then we must keep our house clean and keep our family fed. And of course, we must love and care for our significant others and be a supportive backbone. But that’s not it, the list goes on and on.

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