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4 Easy Workouts You Can Do Without Leaving the House

We all know the familiar struggle of keeping up with a tight work-out schedule. Often times, a conflict in schedule inhibits the 30-minute workout session at the gym. Rushing in the morning to school or work leaves us with no time to exercise. Often times, pure laziness and procrastination prevents us from reaching our body goals. For starters, the gym may be an intimidating place, where seemingly everyone is in shape and “knows” what they’re doing.

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4 Activities You Can Do to Stay Fit Year-Round

Most girls worked very hard in the spring to look stunning for summer. Last year, my workout routines were a combination of cardio and weight lifting, making my mornings a bit intense. Now, with summer about 6 months away, how are we going to say fit throughout these months so that we're not scrambling for our summer bodies when the season comes?

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