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Remove The Weeds In Your Life So You Can Grow

Bad relationships are like weeds in a flower bed, you don’t really notice them until the damage has already begun. Weeds are generally plants that have absolutely no redeeming value as far as nutrition is concerned. They tend to compete with flowers for nutrients and space. Similar to flowers, we allow bad people, who bring no real value, to enter into our lives; bad people who come to compete with us for space in our own lives—our flower bed!

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Two Organizations Reducing Homelessness in the Heart of Houston

There’s a homeless man and his dog near my neighborhood that actively seeks change every day at the same street near our neighborhood grocery store. Each day, he’s there. Rain or shine, he’s posted up against a tree with a big smile on his face, his eyes twinkling as if the windows of his soul provide them with its own unique shine.

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