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6 of the Most Courageous Women in History

Throughout history, women have fought to position themselves equally among men in social, political and economic terms. This battle has presented the world with the most courageous women, who have changed the path of history forever. Here is a thorough description of the five inspirational females, I admire the most.

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Should You Buy e.l.f Brushes? My Thoughts on e.l.f. Brushes One Year Later

Let’s talk about e.l.f. makeup brushes. I have had them for a year now. I was not particularly drawn to this brand as I had thought it was too cheap to be any good!  But then, I kept hearing about how great they were. Reviews claimed the application process was no different. And plus, they are made cruelty-free & vegan. So, I finally decided to pick up a few, since they were only $2- $3.

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How Reality T.V. Shows Are Ruining Millennials

Reality television programming has become a prevalent element of popular culture. The proliferation of this sort of programming has in various ways affected the intellect of millennials. Such T.V. genre is considered a mindless and pathetic entertainment, which is not only fostering erroneous habits, but is conquering a lot of television channels

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