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Your Dreams or Your Parents Dreams

If you know what you're passionate about, you should consider yourself very lucky because there's a lot of people in this world that don't know what their true calling is. That's why need to follow your dreams and create your own path that is separate from your parents because you can't live your life according to other people expectations.

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6 of the Most Courageous Women in History

Throughout history, women have fought to position themselves equally among men in social, political and economic terms. This battle has presented the world with the most courageous women, who have changed the path of history forever. Here is a thorough description of the five inspirational females, I admire the most.

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Marque: The Hub for Artists, Brands & Creatives

Not an agency. Not a glass ceiling. Marque is a one stop shop. Created to enhance the journey of artists and their experience with global brands, Marque cultivates relationships between creatives while building curiosity, possibilities and opportunities. If you’re an artist, creative, brand or business, Marque caters to you.

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