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Get Real: 5 Ways to Deal with Being Black in America

In the wake of everything going on in the world today, one must increase consciousness. I am a black woman in a country that is not set up for me. Therefore, I have to make myself knowledgeable about current events in the black communities and support my Kings and Queens. These days all I hear in the streets is, “why is the news not covering this…why are they imprisoning our black brothers…why, why why?” Stop blaming society for the problems in our communities. We are a part of society. Here are tips I use to deal with everyday life in America as an African-American.

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Donald Trump’s America: Divided We Fall

Really let that sink in. Donald Trump with 5 kids, 3 baby moms, pending sexual assault cases from both women and children, an unprecedented amount of bankruptcies and a comb over that would inspire a Rogaine commercial, is Your President.We could get into the how or the why but we know how and we know why. The focus now has to be, how do we proceed going forward? Do we elevate the standard Trump has to meet or do we allow him to run this country like a chicken with his head cut off?

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How One Organization is Using Technology to Empower Children in Guatemala

In Guatemala, the average length of schooling is 4.1 years, which places the country last in the Education Index, compared to all other Latin American nations. There are 3.2 million Guatemalan children between the age of 6 and 15 in 18,000 public primary schools, and 93% have no access to technology. The use of technology, specifically computers, can reshape power and knowledge in significant ways.

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One Women-Owned Business Making a Difference in an Underdeveloped Country

Guatemalan textiles are known globally for being unique, colorful and deeply rooted in this country’s traditions. Locals from villages in rural areas work on weaving these textiles and making them one of a kind. Several Guatemalan women are empowering themselves by starting their own businesses and making beautiful handbags with these textiles.

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I had just received the news that Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election. 

Similar to my friends, one may assume I cried out of fear – I am a 23-year-old black woman living in America. 

However, my tears were due to the fact that Hillary Clinton, an American lawyer and politician – the first female presidential nominee in American history, lost the Presidential Election. 

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Our Cultures Must Be Read

Culture is an essential character of an individual’s life because it encircles the social, political and economic spheres. Culture is the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the mantras you were taught growing up, passed down from generations; culture is what makes races, ethnicities, tribes and countries unique.

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