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Note to Politicians: Let’s Forget Political Correctness for Once

The mass shooting that took place at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida shook the souls of a grieving nation. At times like these, especially in the midst of a political election, politicians often use this atrocity to push their own political agendas. Trump recently released a statement in which he reinforced his views on banning admissions from the Middle East and cutting off immigration.

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Don't Forget About the LGBT Community Inside the U.S.

A few weeks ago I published an article that emphasized the successful progress the LGBT community has acquired throughout the 21st century in the United States. And by this success I want to point out all the rights they have achieved, including legal marriage in every single state. Let’s not forget about the love is love movement celebrated in many states, which also gained worldwide recognition. Overall, these couple of years have been astonishing for the LGBT community. 

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