5 Quick Travel Tips for Students

By Manuela Domingos

This summer, I’m headed for Europe! I haven’t been to France since the summer of 2013 and I had an amazing time visiting family and friends. I’m going back to France once more; this time I’ll be taking a tour of other destinations in Europe.

Preparing for a trip overseas is never easy. As a student, budgets may be tight and the packing process is a tricky one. Here’s are 5 quick tips on how to pack and prepare for a trip overseas.

1.     Create a List. Before packing, create a list. I like to start with all the essential things I know need. Little things like allergy medicine go a long way. You’d be surprised at how easily these things can slip your mind. Make sure to check things off your list as you pack for your trip.

2.     Pack Lightly. Often times we tend to over pack. I especially have a horrible habit of packing more things than I actually need. Think about how badly you really need an item before stuffing it into your suitcase. Leave some room for things you might purchase once you arrive at your destination.

3.     Outlet Adapters. Depending on where you’re headed, you might need an outlet adapter. As a travel blogger and one who enjoys taking photography, I tend to use my laptop and camera a lot and need to recharge. Consider purchasing an adapter before leaving for your destination.

4.     Pack Black Gear. Depending on personal taste, wardrobe choice for travel varies. One notable color to make sure to pack is black. Traveling can get messy at times. You want to look good while doing it. Wear a dark color that may disguise those unwanted stains!

5.     Pack A Journal and Something to Read. I tend to get bored on the flight and uneasy with nothing to do. I like to document my experiences and keep myself busy while on board. If you’re like me, bring a journal to write a few things during your flight or bring a good book to read. Exercise your mind!