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Being a fearless gallery visitor: 5 suggestions

Picture this…

You approach the looming doors of the art gallery – promising oodles of paintings and sculptures with very few explanation panels and possibly including some modern or abstract art. Your enthusiastic friend who’s enticed you to come along to see the cutting-edge temporary exhibit quickly darts off to find the special exhibition room.

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What Becoming a New Young Mom Taught Me About Life

I am a young mother who didn’t get married or have a career first. I am a young mother raising a daughter in a world, trying to finish school to start my career, dealing with relationships and just trying to become a better me.I got an email a few days ago from a young lady name Naomi. She asked me how do I cope with being a young mom in the world of today and how do I cope with my baby daddy? Has he ever cheated on me and what did I do if he did? And what advice do I have for new young mothers?

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Tackle Oily Skin with These 4 Skin Care Tips

For those who suffer from excessive oily skin, we all know the trouble and hassle of trying to maintain, well, “non-oily” skin. It took me a few years to finally find what works best for my skin type. I struggled finding a routine that minimizes that unnecessary extra shine that shows up in pictures and the overly greasy face that leaves your make up looking gooey by the end of the day. As someone who lives in Houston, where it practically feels like 100 degrees during the summer and the humidity is at its highest peak, nearly at all times of the day, trying to not look oily is almost impossible.

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Top Ten ways to relax if you're on Vacation

It is a privilege to be able to take a vacation.  In most cases, taking time away from work or time away from our families, both can be very demanding.  Once you decide to take the time off, save some to do absolutely nothing. Traveling does not always require a full itinerary. You can still have a fabulous time relaxing.  Here are my top ten ways to relax on your vacation.

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How to cut the cardboard, cut the sugar, and cut the crap while living on a gluten free diet

This article is for those who are confined to a glutenless diet, and are finding it hard to keep up healthy habits. While “going gluten free” has been a fad diet in North America for many years, replacing gluten-laden foods with their wheat-wanting alternatives, can often lead to consuming lots of foods that taste like cardboard, have empty starch calories with no nutrition which convert directly to sugar, and can cause stress and angst about eating out.

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Remove The Weeds In Your Life So You Can Grow

Bad relationships are like weeds in a flower bed, you don’t really notice them until the damage has already begun. Weeds are generally plants that have absolutely no redeeming value as far as nutrition is concerned. They tend to compete with flowers for nutrients and space. Similar to flowers, we allow bad people, who bring no real value, to enter into our lives; bad people who come to compete with us for space in our own lives—our flower bed!

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