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Top Ten ways to relax if you're on Vacation

It is a privilege to be able to take a vacation.  In most cases, taking time away from work or time away from our families, both can be very demanding.  Once you decide to take the time off, save some to do absolutely nothing. Traveling does not always require a full itinerary. You can still have a fabulous time relaxing.  Here are my top ten ways to relax on your vacation.

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Why Dark Skin Girls Should Love Their Skin

I come from an African family. Growing up, bleaching was normal. I had at least one family member who bleached their skin to the point where you could vividly tell that their skin was bleached. Their hands were seemingly way darker than the rest of their bodies, the skin on their faces an awkward yellowish tint. I recall a younger me always wondering to myself why they felt the need to bleach their skin?

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5 Ways You Can Save Money This Spring

It’s back to school season, and this means possibly spending more money on food. If you’re a student, you might know the endless struggle of trying to save money and not eating out during the school year. Recently, I had a conversation with a friend of mine in which he admitted to spending close to $5,000 on food in one month alone.

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Being a fearless gallery visitor: 5 suggestions

Picture this…

You approach the looming doors of the art gallery – promising oodles of paintings and sculptures with very few explanation panels and possibly including some modern or abstract art. Your enthusiastic friend who’s enticed you to come along to see the cutting-edge temporary exhibit quickly darts off to find the special exhibition room.

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What Becoming a New Young Mom Taught Me About Life

I am a young mother who didn’t get married or have a career first. I am a young mother raising a daughter in a world, trying to finish school to start my career, dealing with relationships and just trying to become a better me.I got an email a few days ago from a young lady name Naomi. She asked me how do I cope with being a young mom in the world of today and how do I cope with my baby daddy? Has he ever cheated on me and what did I do if he did? And what advice do I have for new young mothers?

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