Being Single Rocks! Take Your Time

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By Erica Jabouin

The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was.
— Rumi

I am currently engaged, about to be married, and all I want to do is shout out to all of my female friends and young family members, "TAKE YOUR TIME." I know, that sounds so cliche.

You may think, “but you are in a relationship.” Or better yet, “you are about to get married, what audacity for you to now tell us to take our time.” Again, with a definitive statement, I repeat to anyone reading this: take your time, do not worry, he will come. Do not to be afraid.

As far as I can remember, the minute I heard of love, read about love, and watched my first love story, I had been obsessing with finding the one. Two of the main goals I set for myself were to finish my education and to find my prince charming. It was an obsession, an obsession that went hand and hand with everything else taking place in my life.

As I am about to get married and enter into a loving partnership, I reflect on my dating life in my twenties; the many relationships that did not work out, the great times but also the headaches. I am also find myself saying, “why was I so worried? Why was I worried that I would be alone?” I was concerned I would not accomplish a goal that so many of us women long for. However, my friends are right about one element, I would not have felt this way if I had not met my future husband. And as much as none of us are perfect, he is for me. Due to this, I can genuinely reflect and say the following:

If I had known that I would have met my match or if I had known the future I would have said to my younger self, do not worry, take your time. I would have told myself to preserve your energy and time and do everything you want. Enjoy your single life as much as you can. Because entering a partnership and living with another person takes work. It takes long hours of conversations, of commitment, of patience, of understanding, compromising, of lots of love, and you have to want it.

Taking your time with yourself and focusing on everything else without worrying about finding the one will build a better you and will prepare you for that time when you do meet the one.

In conclusion, as I read Rumi's quote, after having been on this journey, although I have a beautiful love story and I met my prince charming, I would have told myself that above all to be single proudly. I would have told myself to live your life as a single woman loudly and with no excuse. As when you do enter into a partnership, you might have wished that you had lived a bit more. Enjoy being single, versus obsessing about finding the one. He is out there. No, it is not a cliche, and yes, it is the truth. He, whoever he may be is out there. Enjoy being single, stop worrying yourself about the what if. You will be fine.