5 Signals It Is Time to Turn Your Passion Project Into a Business


By Bri’Ann Stephens

An entrepreneur is someone who notices a problem, finds a solution, and fixes the problem better than anyone else.

When I started my first business, Pink Productions, I noticed that women had a hard time supporting one another.

My solution was to create a space where we could support one another's ideas, products, services, and brands. I fix it better than anyone else because it's free to share your story and build your brand on our platform.

It is the same concept with my second company, where I advise business owners and entrepreneurs. I noticed people needed a lot of help with starting a business and growing their startup companies. I offer services at a lower price, with a quicker turnaround time, and I give free services too.

Now that you know what an entrepreneur is, you're probably asking yourself, "Am I an entrepreneur?"

If you have discovered a new way of doing something, if you have this million-dollar idea that you want to launch, and if your idea is innovative – you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

The biggest thing now is choosing the perfect time to start and launch your business. Here are 5 indicators that it is time to start your business:


If you have an idea that keeps you up at night, start writing down your thoughts. That’s actually your business plan in the making. You know you’re passionate when you find yourself always sharing your amazing ideas with the people you trust. You dream about the end goal and outcome all of time. Your passion is your momentum.


You have a gift, talent, or plan that people rave about. Whether you design clothes, work on apps, cook, do graphic design, perform poetry, produce music, do photography, or provide consulting—people tell you that you're good! If you're getting a lot of positive feedback, you should take it seriously. It may be your million-dollar dream and company.


When work, school, and hobbies start to interfere with your dream career, you should prioritize it better. If you are working all day and you come home tired, with no time to work on what you really want, it is time to start taking it more seriously. It is time to make your dream career a priority.


You go to a boring 9-5 everyday and you are depressed and sad at work because you are not happy. You spend every second at work, dreaming about the work you'd rather be doing at home. You would rather be putting time and effort into your own business.


Your dream career is actually making you more money or you have an idea that could start making you more money.

If two or more of these apply to you, it is time to start your business and take it seriously. Write down your goals, create a vision board, get a mentor, or even study and read about entrepreneurs before you. Do not let another day go by without investing into your dreams and goals.

Are you are still second guessing starting a business? What’s holding you back? Comment below, I want to hear from you. 

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