Why Destination Swimwear Is The only SwimWear You Need This Summer



By Bri'Ann Stephens and Tiana Lee

In 2016, we had to pleasure of interviewing Racquel Simone. During the interview, she shared a secret that she hadn't shared with many. She was working on a swimwear line.  She told us, "It should be launching later this month. I travel a lot and I’ve always received so many compliments on my swimwear so I decided to start my own. Ladies be on the lookout for Destination Swimwear later this month." 

A year later she has worked with countless models and photographers, gained a loyal audience, supportive customers, and has launched 3 collections

Shop Phi Phi Islands, Thailand at  Destinationswimwear.com

Shop Phi Phi Islands, Thailand at Destinationswimwear.com

Destination Swimwear is a line of custom swimsuits made for any destination. Racquel Simone created a platform for women to have a place where they can find uniquely crafted swimsuits.
"Wherever you are traveling you take something with you. The style and material of each swimsuit are inspired by the many destinations that I have already visited or plan to visit that reflects the culture of the place." - Racquel Simone  

Her passion and resilience since 2016 has been commendable. When Racquel reached out to us to attend her one year anniversary and the launch of her third collection "Tropics," we were honored. She has some of the best swimsuits we have ever seen! We couldn't wait to attend the launch.  

Shop these looks at  Destinationswimwear.com

Shop these looks at Destinationswimwear.com

The launch was hosted at a beautiful mansion in Cypress, Texas with a gorgeous pool and cabana. There was lively music, welcoming guest, good food with good drinks to match! We got the chance to speak with some of Racquel's friends and family about Destination Swimwear, amongst other things.  

We asked two of her closest friends during the event, "what is your favorite memory of Racquel?" 

"That's a really difficult question because we have had a really long friendship. Exciting things happen to us on a day to day. If I had to name one memory it would have to be when I first met her. I was about to turn 15 and she threw me an quinceanera in her house. She did a photo shoot for me and printed it out. It was the sweetest thing ever. It was 10 years ago." - Yan 
"There's so many to choose from! I would have to say it was the first time we went to New York. We were out all day. We went out and we were wearing the same clothes we were in from the day. New York is cold, so I was in a turtleneck and sweater. Racquel told me "it's okay." We went to the club and everyone else were super dressy. But we had a lot of fun. We got home around 5 a.m. and I was staying in an hotel, so we went back to the hotel. It was an all around great day from sun up to sun down." - Jas 

There are so many amazing swimsuits. We are obsessed with a few from the first two collections, and we were excited to see the pieces from the third! We asked Racquel and her friends which swimsuits were their favorite?  

"My favorite one is Ghana! It looks good on everyone. It's this beautiful green. It's my favorite." - Yan 
"Ghana is my favorite! I am actually going to get it. I want it for when I go out of the country." - Jas 
"My favorite is Ghana. It has always been my best seller. I love the olive color. I have always wanted to travel to Ghana." - Racquel 
Shop Ghana at  Destinationswimwear.com

Looks like Ghana is a winner! Destination Swimwear could mean so many things to many people. We wanted to get different perspectives on the brand. What does Destination Swimwear mean to you?  

"It's so meaningful. It's a representation of my best friend and all that she can do. She does it all. It's an addition to the big empire she's building." - Yan 
"It's a brand that is inspirational to everyone. The fact that each piece has a different name, it gives people hope. People will believe I can go to amazing places and do amazing things. It gives people hope to travel and expand." - Jas 

The excitement of the third collection was growing as we talked to guest. To our surprise, two by twos—models began to walk out to the pool wearing Tropics.  

Shop these looks at Destinationswimwear.com

Shop these looks at Destinationswimwear.com

We are so proud of all of your success Racquel! You inspire us and women all over.  

"I am so proud of you. You've done so much! You've done more than anyone I have ever known. You took a risk by going out to New York. There's so much respect on your name!" - Jas 
"From the age of 8 she has always been into entertainment. She has been into dancing and singing. She has even entered several contests. She told me that she was going to be a Swimwear designer. I supported her. I used to model in New York as well. So when she told me, I was inspired and I am 100% behind her. I am going to encourage her to make a line inspired by Jamaica. I am from Jamaica. I would like to tell her to keep going with her head held high" - Mom

What would you tell yourself 5 years from now?  

"I would tell myself the same thing I am telling myself now. Keep going! Don't let negative comments get into head. Keep going, never stop." 

To learn more about Racquel and Destination Swimwear, visit her on Instagram @theracquelsimone and check out her website Destinationswimwear.com