What I Realized When I Deleted Instagram & Facebook

By Tyissha Joseph-Dottin


About three years ago, I was going through one of the most difficult periods in my life. I had just changed my field of study for the second time and I felt lost. I was unhappy with my life. I felt like everybody was doing better than me, while I was still trying to figure out what I need to do with my life.

My life hasn't turned out the way I have planned. I was convinced that I was going to finish all my studies at the age 25 and have my career. However, after a few setbacks and missteps, I had to restart everything and start a new journey once again.

To make matters worse, I would constantly log on to my social media accounts and spend countless hours observing what others were doing, fantasizing about their perfect lives and concluding that they have it all figured out.

I was deeply depressed and miserable. I felt like a failure and I wasn't growing. I was so focused on the fact that people who were the same as me were enjoying the life that I aspire to have: the perfect house, a luxurious car, and the perfect lifestyle. Some had their own business and were going on trips every other week and others were already married or engaged. I felt like I was bombarded with accomplishments on my timeline.

I started to compare myself to them, wondering where I went wrong in my life.

Until one day, I told myself that the more I waste my time on my social media accounts, the less happy I would become. It was detrimental to my well-being and self-esteem. Sometimes we are caught up in our virtual world of social media that we forget that everything we see is an illusion.

I realized that while I was here feeling hopeless, they are living their life and accomplishing their dreams. I told myself that I need to stop wasting my time on social media and start focusing on my self-improvement.

The energy I spent wasting time on Instagram or Facebook is the same energy I can use to work on my goals. I decided to close my social media accounts and focus on myself. Ever since I had my social media diet, I felt better about myself and my accomplishments. I was less anxious and more satisfied with where I was at that moment in my life.

When you continuously compare yourself to others, you'll be less satisfied with your life because there is always someone who's doing something you wish you can achieve and it deprives you of your joy. It adds a lot of stress to your life.

Unless you need to stay in contact with your family or friends, or you run a business, you should minimize your time on social media, especially if you're an anxious person with low self-esteem.

Take a step back and realize that your life is great too. Rather than envying others success, learn to celebrate your achievements and be satisfied with what you have.

You have to remember that everybody moves at their own pace in life. Some people have it all figured out by 18, while others realize their purpose in life at 40. Some will have their career at the age of 25, while some have it at 50. Some finish school at the age of 25 and have to wait until they are in their thirties to find a good securing job, while others will their career while they are in their twenties. Everything in life takes time.

It's best to take your time. Think about your aspirations. Then, take the steps that will lead you to where want to be and give 100% to accomplishing your dreams. There might be people who seem to be doing better than you. But, just like you’re watching them, others behind you are watching you. Just stay focused on your goals and aim to better yourself every day.


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