5 Articles to Read if You’re Feeling Meh about Your Job (Or Career)


By Adunola Adeshola

What the heck am I doing with my life?

I feel like I’m just here.

Just here, looking at the clock every 30 minutes.

If he sends me one more passive aggressive email, I will lose it. And, I won’t regret it.

Can Friday come any faster?

I know it’s Friday, but can 5 p.m. come any faster?

Is it really Sunday already? Why does life go by so fast?

No, I don’t want to help you with that, why would you ask?

Any of those statements sound familiar?

The good news is that you’re not the only one feeling meh about your job (or career). Every one has their moments and these 5 articles will certainly help you out – or at least bring you some comfort, knowing you’re not alone.


Nice Job, But Nah.

You got the job because it offered a nice title and great perks but now you feel like you may have made a mistake. Find out the three things you can do so you don’t make the mistake again. (Forbes)

Thinking About Quitting?

You’re contemplating quitting but you’re not really sure if it’s the right thing to do. Every one else at work seems to love coming to work every day. But don’t be fooled, almost half of all employees globally may be leaving their job this year. Don’t believe me? Read for yourself. (Fast Company)

On The Verge of Losing It?

Your morning couldn’t have been any worse and if someone asks you for one more thing that you don’t want to do…let’s not talk about what will happen. It may be time to woosah. Read this article to help you decompress. (The Daily Muse)

Tired of That Passive Aggressive Coworker?

About that passive aggressive email? It’s so easy to type at the speed of light and send off a sarcastic response in return. But, don’t. It’s not worth it. You’re better off just taking the high road, find out how. (Fortune)

I’ll Take One Day of Fame Please!

Let’s face it. Whenever you see YouTubers on SnapChat and famous Instagrammers (made famous by Instagram) traveling the world, playing videogames, watching TV and appearing to have so much freedom at their disposal, you secretly wish you could just become famous overnight. You’re not alone! Everyone else does too! (Forbes)

Whatever you’re going through, be it a bad day, a bad job or a boring career, just remember it’s all temporary. You have the power to change your situation. Don’t stay stuck. Get the resources you need and make the moves necessary so that a bad day, a bad job or a boring career doesn’t repeat itself over and over in your life.

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