Donald Trump’s America: Divided We Fall

By Mojo

Donald Trump is Your President America…

Really let that sink in. Donald Trump with 5 kids, 3 baby moms, pending sexual assault cases from both women and children, an unprecedented amount of bankruptcies and a comb over that would inspire a Rogaine commercial, is Your President.

We could get into the how or the why but we know how and we know why. The focus now has to be, how do we proceed going forward? Do we elevate the standard Trump has to meet or do we allow him to run this country like a chicken with his head cut off?

In this month of Black History, we recognize African Americans mainstream America deems worthy of being noticed, which is bitter sweet in and of itself but it can be made more bitter still.

African Americans have to be twice as good to get one twelfth of the recognition white people get all year. Twice. As. Good.

Barack Obama had to be virtually flawless to get the job Trump whisked into and had Barack Obama behaved the way Trump did on the campaign trail, it is safe to say we never would have seen our first black President. As the President, Obama had to set a public example that would not shame the average American, but his predecessor seems to be hell bent on the exact opposite.

Trump, with all of his personal baggage and outspoken bigotry, is still being seen as a respectable and responsible citizen by his devoted base. Certain demographics flock to his rhetoric and hail him as the great American savior. His supporters insist that by violating every other bases rights, true American rights can be preserved.

Ok. Let’s say people believe that’s right, just…do you actually believe that’s right or is the man saying it allowed so much rope to hang himself, that you will allow him to noose the rest of the country with him?

To assist in our research let us play the “if he were black game,” it is a very popular game that readers have probably seen on social media. The object of the game is to list a circumstance committed by a non-black party and then list that same circumstance with a black person committing it. Last comes the question, “Would it be ok if this party did this action if they were black?” The purpose here is to see if the behavior is really ok or if there is some underlying bias contributing to Trump’s behavior being hailed as opposed to abhorred.

If Donald were black could he promote grabbing women by the privates? Or would he be a predator?

If Donald were black could he talk about whites and Hispanics with no regard to truth or tact? Or would he be promoting white genocide?

If Donald were black could he publicly ban an entire group of people? Or would he be divisive and aiding our enemies in combatant recruitment?

If Donald were black could he withhold his tax documents so that he could take financial advantage of the office of President of the United States? Or would he be a crook and a thief?

If Donald were black could his first lady have posed for Playboy? Or would that be hypersexual and a horrible example to set for young women?

We know the answers, so from here on out let us hold Donald to the standard we hold “worthy” African Americans. Let us hold the office of the Presidency to the standard of being twice as good as the average man.

If held to the “twice as good” standard would Your President’s actions meet the mark?

Trump banned refugees from Yemen despite Yemen citizens being responsible for zero attacks on U.S soil. Your President subsequently sent a U.S Navy Seal team into Yemen resulting in the death of an eight-year-old girl, a woman and several other children.

In one breath, he claims Yemen’s population is dangerous and in the next provokes them towards retribution.

Trump insults Mexicans saying they send their worst to America and then asks the very leader of the country he insulted for a favor.

As the leader of what is supposed to be the best and most powerful country in the world, it would behoove Your President not to provoke a Middle East nation who would have no end of allies against American nationalism. It would behoove Your President not to irritate its’ bordering neighbor who provides your citizens with essential goods and services. Think of the avocados we get from Mexico!

If Trump doesn’t care what minorities think, he should know the Dick’s and the Janes of America will riot. White people love avocados.

Small potatoes though right? A botched mission in Yemen and upsetting Mexico are not huge deals depending on what you know about politics. But what else has Trump done to incur the wrath of the world, with the average American bearing the brunt of the consequences?

Just recently he was unable to compose himself long enough to speak with the Australian Prime Minister. According to Trump’s aides he was tired after a long day of work, which caused Your President to hang up in another World leader’s face after a shouting match between them.

Australia has been one of Americas longest standing allies. In the wake of the Muslim ban, which has gone far to create enemies where there were none and to reignite enemies that were subsiding, allies are crucial to surviving.

There is clearly a choice that everyone, especially those who support Trump or voted for him, must make. Are you going to hold your President and his cabinet to a higher standard or are you going to watch the world burn around you?

We are creating enemies, alienating allies and violating the very citizens that make this country what it is. There is no more them and us in America. We are all fighting for the same fight for our lives whether we know it or not.

Your father is fighting for the right to be old and survive. Your mother is fighting for her right to crucial women’s health care. Your sisters and brothers are fighting to find employment. Your gay relative is fighting for the right to exist. Your minority friend that saves you from being a bigot is fighting for their civil rights. We must come together.

Eventually, Trump will come for you or somebody you hold dear and while you were standing idle watching everybody else’s rights get stripped from them, you’ll realize there is no one left to help you fight and you will not stand a chance during your own defense.

Fight together while you can or die like you never had the choice.

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