I'm Dating a Married Man


By: Paige J

Married men having mistresses' and secondary homes are nothing new. In the recent years it's become the new "norm". Younger men are getting married and following the trend of their elders. After several surveys, 4 out of 10 women are dating a married man. Many excuses for these actions have occurred. From staying for the children to "I'm legally separated" just staying in the same house until everything is finalized; women are taking this deception and becoming in today's terms "side pieces". When asked the question, why a married man, most women reply he's perfect for me, only thing is, he has a wife. After much research and analysis, I've found four main reasons why women unknowingly go after married men:

1. Sponsorship :
Women look for these men in particular for sponsorship. The affair alone is a pled bargain; if you pay, I won't tell. 87% married men that date outside of their marriage are sponsors to these willing ladies.

2. Companionship :
Companionship is the most lacked source of a relationship. Women look for attention and validation and these taken men give them a tool that they harbored from their marriages.

3. Fear of Commitment :
Men are unaware of this, but women suffer from the same percentage of commitment that they do. Those ladies with commitment issues or still recovering from a break-up date married men because they know that nothing serious can ever come from it.

4. Desperation :
Even though, in recent logs there are 101 men to 100 women; women still have trouble finding love. After years of dating Mr. Wrong, women become desperate for love and date married men. These women would normally never do this, but after being disappointed numerous times, in the words of Betty Wright, "Having a piece of man, is better than having no man at all, so I'm a just take what I can get and work with it, you understand what i mean".

These men show ability to commit, adventure, focus on intimacy, and make single women feel good about themselves. In most cases, these men are the perfect match for you; this makes women feel they belong with those married men. Only thing is, a girlfriend means nothing to a dead married man.

Let's say your married boyfriend suddenly dies, what do you have other than memories. Everything goes to the wife and the children between the two; all a girlfriend with a married boyfriend gets to sit in the back of the church and cry silently and alone because even if you're known of, you come second to none to a WIFE.

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