3 Reasons You Should Add the Galapagos Islands to Your Travel Bucket List

By Rachel McLeod

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador is a uniquely bio diverse area unlike anything else on this planet.

Tight conservations laws (including a mandatory fee just to get in after landing) and initiatives to take care of the nature and animals are what have led the Galapagos to be an incredible, mostly preserved, place unlike any other.

Here are 5 fun facts about the amazing Island


island 2.png

1. The Carefree Wildlife

In the Galapagos, the animals live freely and without a care in the world. They live peacefully alongside each other, as well as alongside the humans.

One big rule in the Galapagos is you cannot touch the animals and this has resulted in the animals having no reason to fear humans; and they clearly don't.

These animals could not care less about human presence and it is beyond astonishing. When you go in the water, more likely than not, you will end up with a playful sea lion swimming by your side.

Walking down the beach, you might see a friendly marine iguana (found only in the Galapagos) strolling along beside you. These animals go about their lives uninterrupted, and it is fascinating to be able to see this.


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2. The Scarce Commercial Areas and Low Populations

In the Galapagos only a small percentage of the islands are available for human exploration or visitation. The vast majority of these islands, over two-thirds, are off limits to human interference and are being kept 100% natural.

Furthermore, the populations on each island are very low, if non-existent. Of the 21 islands, only five of them have permanent inhabitants.

I got to visit 4/5 of these islands and the populations went from a few hundred on Floreana Island, to a few thousand on Santa Cruz and Isabela. These extremely low population numbers help contribute to the conservation of the Galapagos, and all the residents are respectful of the beautiful area that they live in.



3. The Vast Array of Activities

The beautiful waters of the Galapagos allow for a multitude of water activities.

Some of the best diving can be done here. With the clear waters and wildlife, including the sharks; there is plenty to see!

This also goes for snorkeling. Some of the best snorkeling I’ve ever done was at these islands, and I went almost every day that I was there and never got bored of it.

There is also amazing surfing, canoeing and swimming. The waves are big and great fun! There is also plenty to see on the land.

There are several breeding centres for endangered species, mostly the giant tortoises that are really cool to see. Then, there is the Charles Darwin Research Centre, a nice area with a lot to explore. Overall, I can't imagine ever getting bored in the Galapagos!


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