17 Healthy Things You Can Do to Protect Your Inner Peace


By Keisha A. Davis

There’s so much noise everywhere in our lives. Sometimes, it amounts to just too much stress. The news regularly reports murder, rape, robbery and crime. We work 80 plus hours, some even more. We deal with family, friendship, and relationship issues. We try to keep up with social media and our finances, all while trying to remain sane on a daily basis.

You try to shut out all the chaos and just focus on yourself but you constantly hear bits and pieces of the outside world. You feel trapped. Trust me, I know exactly how it feels.

We need to learn to set time to restore our mind, body and spirit. We need to learn how to protect the energy around us and protect our peace.

Protecting your peace begins when you open up and acknowledge God in everything you do.

Here’s a list of tips I’ve found very helpful to take care of you and your inner peace. 

1.    Pray      

2.    Meditate

3.    Read     

4.    Journal

5.    Turn your television off   

6.    Stretch

7.    Stay off social media for a few hours

8.    Take a warm bath         

9.    Have a glass of wine while you’re at it

10. Go for a walk in nature   

11. Curl up with a hot cup of tea

12. Put on uplifting music     

13. Dance

14. Watch a good movie       

15. Clean your home

16. Spend time with your pet

17. Find a reason to be grateful

I challenge others to do at least two things from this list a day. Life is chaotic. Life is busy. But you have the right to take care of yourself. You have the right to replenish. You don’t have to fix everything that’s broken. You don’t have to make everyone happy. Take some time to clear your mind and protect your peace.

Nature is Love.

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