Why You Should Read Punishment is Due

By Adunola Adeshola

Amazon Bestselling Author.

That is how Tonia rounded out 2016. Right before the end of the year, she released her third self-published book, Punishment is Due, and her hard work and creativity garnered her the accredited title.

Her debut novel, Fashionably Deceptive, loosely captures the lives, fantasies and experiences of her college roommates. The captivating and relatable stories leave readers hooked from start to finish through her unique writing style of being very descriptive, coupled with wit and a bit of drama. Her follow-up novel, Fashionable Revelation, continues the stories found in her debut novel.

Her latest book is about a new story. It focuses on two main characters Diana and Jay. Diana is a top executive at her father’s prestigious PR firm, yet all the glitz and glam around her isn’t enough to derail the tragedies that await her. Jay is a top attorney in Houston and despite the odds he’s managed to attain wealth and success. But when tragedy strikes, Jay is threatened to return to his old life. The same life he fought so hard to escape. In the midst of it all, Diana and Jay are forced to face their hearts’ deepest desires while learning to live with the punishment that is due to both of them.

It is no surprise, that her new book has quickly become a success in her genre. Tonia knows how to write a suspenseful story.

When we asked Tonia what makes Punishment is Due so special, she told us, “When I started writing Punishment is Due, I knew that it was the one that would take my career the furthest.  I was older. a little bit wiser, and had begun to understand more about life. Even to this day, I still read it like I read any of my favorite novels, like I wasn't the author and the one that orchestrated the beginning and the end.”

Yet, that is not all to Tonia. Not only is she a self-published author, but also she is the founder of Osborne Publishing Company, which offers mentoring relationships and interactive courses for new authors embarking on the journey of self-publishing. In addition to that, she mentors teen girls through her nonprofit, She Me Her.

When she happens to have spare time in her busy schedule, Tonia can be found traveling the world and writing about her experiences for numerous blogs, including her lifestyle blog, The Sparkle Files.


You can purchase Tonia’s new book, “Punishment is Due” on Amazon and if you would like to keep up with Tonia’s journey, follow her on Instagram, @toniatheauthor.