Why You Should Spend a Weekend in Mindo, Ecuador

By Rachel McLeod

The town of Mindo in Ecuador is quite small, with one main square off of the one main street.

While Mindo is ridiculously small. Despite the size, Mindo is full of activities and adventures, as well as cute and cozy hostels. Their one main street is full of delicious restaurants and dozens of tour companies. 

The hostel we stayed at was on a small river and had a resident guard dog. Mantez, the guard dog may have been quite old but you could always trust him to walk down the street with you.

He kept watch every night at the top of the street, where the hostel property began. Our rooms were in the perfect location, surrounded by healthy trees and plants and many wild animals. The hostel was perfectly situated in the middle of nature and only a short walk from the main part of town. 

The adventure side of Mindo was surprisingly big. You could rent ATVs, go zip lining, go tubing down a river, hike and go horseback riding.

I chose zip lining as my first activity and the course was amazing. Each view of the city and forest was stunning (not to mention the minimal hiking between lines was a bonus). I also went on a waterfall hike, seeing around ten different waterfalls. This was a lot harder than I had anticipated, but we took a break to swim in one of them and it was all worth it!

Mindo is the ideal town to go to for a relaxing weekend, with a few adventurous activities on the side (which were all just outside of the town).

The town itself is very peaceful, and all the food was delicious. From the quinoa restaurant to the chocolate restaurant, I would go back to Mindo solely for the food!

If you're ever traveling around Ecuador and want a peaceful and relaxing weekend and still have options for things to do, beautiful Mindo is the place to go!


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