5 Simple Things Every Busy Woman Should Not Forget to Do


By Manuela Domingos

Life can be hectic, regardless of what season you are in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college student, young professional, business owner, stay-at-home mom, artist or corporate senior leader, we all have our fair share of overwhelming moments. Still, despite the busyness in our lives, we must make ourselves a priority. And, we can only do that by taking care of ourselves. Here are 5 simple and practical things you can do to remind yourself to put yourself first.

Change your pillow set, wash your sheets. So simple, yet this is something we especially fail to do. No matter how annoying or “time consuming” this may seem, don’t hesitate to change your sheets or wash your pillow set. Build up and oil accumulates over time. Especially if you’re trying to prevent break outs, make sure you’re washing your sheets. 

Drink water. The reason you may be overly fatigued and lethargic might be because you’re simply neglecting to fuel your body. Just like a car cannot run without gas, your body needs water in order for you to be healthy. Drinking water helps with your skin, your liver, and your weight. Don’t miss out on life’s natural free resource.

Exercise. You don’t have to follow a crazy workout schedule. Simply squeezing at least fifteen minutes a day of jogging or yoga may be the first step to following a consistent workout schedule. 

Brush your teeth twice a day. A lot of people follow this rule, yet it’s still easy not to really religiously follow. Make sure you’re getting rid of all the unwanted residue that could otherwise leave you with cavities and gum diseases. Also, don’t forget to floss regularly. 

Eat fruits and vegetables. I practically live off of snacks and anything that has sugar in it. When you have a hectic daily schedule, it’s so easy to forget to eat properly. Don’t let that be you! Eat your daily dose of fruits and veggies. Your health will thank you for it later.

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